LGBT–Do you ever wander into “Singles and dating”?

Question by DorkBoy: LGBT–Do you ever wander into “Singles and dating”?
I am a straight guy who occasionally wanders into this category. Why? I don’t know. I guess I just want to represent the logical, gay-friendly straight people. Anyways, I have noticed that I am not the only straight person around here, and I am not talking about the homophobes. There are other straight people who just hang out in this category and like to answer questions. I was thinking, do gay people ever wonder into “Singles and dating”? If yes, why do you do it?

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Answer by livewire9
i would when i first started playing here,,, before i knew there was this section… lol

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5 comments to LGBT–Do you ever wander into “Singles and dating”?

  • Taylor

    When I’m bored. There’s a little more happening there.

  • Andromeda Thornheart

    Yes-because my dog has a boyfriend and a girlfriend before ive went on a date my life

  • Jr T

    Yeah I’m a straight dude (and a gay ally).

  • GB

    I’m the same as you, but sometimes I see people from “singles and dating” coming here I guess it’s so people can get a good variety of advice from different kinds of people

  • Audrey The Provocative

    No. I prefer “wandering,” or perhaps regarding the internet, “browsing” in mostly the LGBT category and “Other – Cultures & Groups” because I enjoy debating controversial topics that engulfs those categories such as those regarding homophobia, LGBT rights, and racism. Sometimes, as a teenager, I “wander” into the “Adolescent” category as well, considering that the teenagers there often post fun, controversial questions, and I sometimes venture into the Hip-Hop and Basketball categories because they are my favourite sports and music genres respectively.

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