Making Your Single Vacation Organized and Worthwhile

Single vacations such as singles cruises can be a fun option when you are traveling alone.  You come alone, but once onboard the ship you are immersed in a fun group of singles just like you.  You will participate in events and activities throughout the cruise for the singles in your group, providing plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with the other guests.

Some singles travel agencies will match you up with a same sex cruise cabin roommate so that you both can enjoy the double occupancy rate available to couples.  If you prefer to have your own cabin, be sure to ask the agent if that is possible.  Also, ask the agent if the trip will be a hosted singles cruise.  This means there will be a separate singles host outside of the regular cruise staff that will be available to the singles traveler throughout the cruise.


Most singles cruises start with an introductory mixer.  Sometimes the mixer is planned before the ship leaves port, so that the singles group can meet and get to know each other.  As usual, singles cruises allow single travelers to join in the fun or quietly relax by themselves.


Some singles cruises will have a separate dining area designated for just for the singles group.  This encourages the sharing of the day’s adventures and the formation of strong friendships.  Also, many singles cruises will have an exclusive lounge where the singles can be separate from the rest of the cruise travelers, and enjoy a cocktail or two with other singles.


Of course, your destination will decide what clothes you’ll need to bring.  Check with your travel agent to see if there might be a special singles party or theme night that would require bringing a fun costume. Also, ask the travel agent about the cruise destination’s average weather patterns and temperatures so that you can pack appropriate clothing.


Do your packing at least three days before the cruise.  This time period will allow you to remember anything that you may have forgotten while preparing your luggage for a great cruise.  Contact a travel agency that specializes in singles vacations to answer any questions you may have.

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