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I really need to meet Singles Washington DC. Since my boyfriend and I broke up I’ve been really untrustworthy when if comes to men. When I thought about going to bars or clubs I knew that wasn’t for me. I heard about this website that has speed dating and social mixers so I went to check it out.


After perusing through what they had to offer I once again decided I’d try it but I was still struggling with the issue of trust. My past boyfriend cheated on me with my friend in my apartment! I caught them kissing on my couch and not only lost a friend but lost a man that I thought I might marry. It’s taken me months to want to even meet singles.


So as you can probably tell meeting Singles Washington DC has been tough. This man I knew through friends who was smart and cute wanted to take me sailing on his boat asked me out on a date. I said I would go because I love to sail, it’s summer, and the weather is beautiful.


The next night I was out at dinner with several friends of mine and told them that he had asked me to go sailing. They told me to keep search singles because he’s a player and asks every woman he’s attracted to go sailing on his boat. I later found out six months earlier this guy asked my best friend out. I called him and bailed on the sailing. When he asked me why I told him that I don’t date men who ask a new woman to go sailing every week. I wondered what his pick-up strategy was in the winter? Skiing? Making snowmen?


So I finally went to the Singles Washington DC events that I found on the website. My impression was that the men were just there to find women with whom they could have a one-night stand and that is SO not what I’m looking for.

I guess I still cannot bring myself to trust men but I’m willing to go through the process of slowly beginning to trust. – Before they hit the stage of Sunset on the Beach or the media cameras of the red carpet, the stars of Hawaii Five-0 greeted th…
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