Meet Other Jewish Singles Washington DC

For so many people it is vitally important that they meet Jewish Singles Washington DC. Spending your life with someone of like-minded faith is a “must” for many Jewish men and women. Here at Professionals in the City our goal is to make sure that you have the opportunity to find your perfect match!


We hold amazing seated speed dating events for people of all age groups, religious backgrounds, and sexual preference. Many people have tried Jewish singles sites only to be disappointed by the results. Some sites charge a lot of money and then deceive and manipulate the user. Anyone can post anything they want in their profile and then slap up a photo that looks nothing like what you saw on screen. This is not to say that these sites don’t work out for everyone, but if you’ve tried them and been disappointed it’s time to try something new.


As we mentioned we hold speed dating events for different age groups. With Jewish Singles Washington DC you don’t have to be in a particular age group to attend an event, you just have to have the desire to meet someone in that age group. Our events are held on weekdays after work hours or on weekends and are all metro-accessible. They are held in restaurants or lounges and are run by a professional staff that is there to make sure all of your needs are met.


The actual speed dating is one hour where you get a chance to spend several minutes with each date before moving on to the next. Afterwards, we suggest heading over to the cash bar where you can spend more time socializing with the Jewish single men and women you met on your date, and even talk to the others you didn’t get a chance to meet.


Then when you get home Jewish Singles Washington DC will give you exclusive access to our online message system where you can anonymously email the people you were most interested in until you are ready to reveal who you are. You can’t go wrong trying our events. You could walk away with the love of your life, or make some really good friends.



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