Meeting New Women

A great deal of men don’t approach women because feel like they’re not prepared to talk to them. When it comes to social communication with women, most guys use submissive, apologetic body language and voice tones and they look as if they’re pleading with a woman to give them approval, and they come across as weak. Most women will think that you are weak, assume that you will always act like that and will avoid you.

The guys who are great at talking to women never use played out pickup lines and stick with simple language and conversation starters such as “Hi, are you from around here?” They use an appropriate smile, ask open-ended questions and use their body language to communicate that they are comfortable and confident. They pay attention to the situation and approach women when they’re not likely to feel rudely interrupted. They approach women and begin conversations like they would with an old friend, showing no signs of insecurity because they are trying to find out if the woman meets their standards!

If your hitting the night clubs or bars, it’s also a good idea to use a good”wingman” or good friend to help you get started meeting women. Your wingman can be used for moral support and should be able to read your body language, signs and codes, and act accordingly to help you interact with women. Just make sure that your friend can handle himself when talking to women and is not the type of guy who will make things worse and scare women away from you. Remember, once a woman thinks of you in a particular way, she’s likely to think of you in that way for a long time.

There is no perfect formula that will suit or impress every woman. Take time to analyze some possible problems with your current approach with women. Think about common situations where you see women you’d like to meet, come up with some different ways to start a conversation with them. Also, plan how you’re going to physically and emotionally respond to a woman who just isn’t interested in talking to you. The more you mentally rehearse your conversations and techniques, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become around women and you’ll notice the difference in how women respond to you.


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