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Before looking for a meeting room to rent, you need to know what aspects you should consider.  The wrong environment can affect a meeting negatively, so it is important to know what to look out for:

Size of the meeting room – Consider the amount of people attending the meeting; if there are only a few individuals attending you can save money by getting a small room.  Alternatively getting a space that is too small for the amount of attendees can make a meeting extremely uncomfortable. Professionalism needs to start with knowing how to plan your meeting space. Not having enough space to seat all the attendees could result in losing a vital deal before the meeting even starts.  If a slide show is being shown the room needs to be large enough for the projector screen to be viewed by all.

Location – Ensure that the venue that you choose for your meeting is central and convenient to all the attendees.  A well known location is a good idea as you will not have people getting lost on the way to the meeting.  Transport to and from the meeting should be readily available; consider whether there are enough cabs in the area and if airports and train stations are accessible.  If any attendees are disabled ensure that there is space for wheelchairs and that there is a restroom that is wheelchair accessible.


Utilities – Consider the utilities at the venue.  If you are serving refreshments you need to know that there is a kitchen nearby.  Restrooms also need to be accessible.  The Meeting room rental in New york City needs to have enough power out lets for laptops and a projector. 


Internet Access – Does the venue have proper Wifi coverage?  At times not all people can physically attend a meeting or it may be necessary to consult with an expert remotely; if coverage is poor the meeting may not be successful.


Heating and Cooling – A meeting venue that is either too hot or too cold is not conducive to concentration in an important meeting.  Make sure that both heating and air conditioning work properly in the meeting room.


Professional Back Up Staff – Having professional staff will ensure that a meeting runs smoothly.  It helps to have somebody to welcome people to the meeting, give them any necessary documentation for the meeting and show them to their seats.  Having competent people to take care of the refreshments can be very helpful too. 


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This is a guest post by James Peter. He is a fairly well-known Meeting room rental in New york City  and Rent conference rooms NYC.

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