Michael Karlan Professionals in the City Speed Dating Washington DC

Professionals in the City and Michael Karlan offer thousands of different events, but Speed Dating Washington DC is the best way to meet someone who is single.  The Pros in the City form of this game starts with men and women sitting across from each other then (the men) rotating one seat to their right every few minutes.

The local speed dating method is very efficient because it provides you just enough time to know whether or not you are attracted to someone on a deeper level.  You must use the few minutes you are given wisely to determine if the chemistry is there or not.  Since time is a major investment, there is no reason to spend too much of it on someone who you have no chemistry with, right?  Remember to ask the other person about certain things right away– what is important to you?  Do you want to make sure they share your spiritual beliefs?  Does it make a huge difference if they have ever been married before?  Must they love dogs to be in your life?  If the chemistry is not there, then you two are not compatible, and you should move on to someone else.  However, if it is there, you should talk to them again during the last part of the event; you should also message them on the exclusive message system in the dating link.

The fact that you meet so many new, different people during this dating game makes it a low pressure way to find a date.  The majority of people who attend these events end up going on another date with at least one person whom they met at the event.  Subsequently, there are hundreds of now happily married couples who met at a Speed Dating Washington DC event.  Professionals in the City continues to be inspired by these loving couples so much that they offer these types of dating events several times each week.  Michael Karlan’s hope is that he can continue to help singles all over Washington, D.C. and the country make romantic connections that will last a lifetime.

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