Mingling on a Singles Cruise

The best singles cruises are cruises organized by travel agencies that specialize in solo travelers. It is important here to differentiate from a single person who hops on a singles cruise ship to those who join a cruising adventure that is planned by singles cruise experts. Most singles cruises are specifically tailored for bachelors and bachelorettes who are looking for friends or relationships. Events and activities are usually exclusively planned for the singles group and include games, speed dating, social gatherings, and parties.

Each singles cruise may offer different services that are included in the boarding fee, while many singles cruises include all the standard amenities on board, including restaurants, bars, and lounges, as well as entry into exclusive singles events that the singles cruise agency organizes. Some of the better singles cruise agencies also organize a meet and greet party where the cruise goers can get to know each other before sailing.

Whether you’re going on a cruise alone or with a group of single friends, mingling and meeting people can be difficult if you’re the shy type. But don’t worry. If you’ve chosen to go with an experienced single travel agency, they will have arranged to have an agent join the group on the cruise. The agent will discreetly intercept any awkward moments which may arise.

Even so, when making connections with fellow travelers onboard your singles travel cruise, there are several tips you might want to consider.

First, look your absolute best and be on time for the mixer so you can get into the flow of the party early on. Be approachable, open, and responsive when joining in any conversation.

For starters, don’t hesitate to say “Hi” and give compliments. Those aboard a singles travel cruise are typically very friendly as well. Try to be interested in the individual you are talking to at the moment. Once pleasantries are exchanged, start asking questions to see if you might have something in common. Questions about hobbies and interests help make the conversation light and easy.

Of course, a conversation goes both ways. Listen to what your fellow cruiser has to say. Those on singles vacations might be so anxious to impress the person they’re talking to that the conversation becomes one-sided. A good tip is to ask open-ended questions that require a response of more than one or two words. But most importantly, have fun!

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