MLM Prospecting: Home Meeting


How do you give a Home Meeting?

As you sit down to think about whom to invite (Those who may be interested in extra money, health, already take nutritional products or who may have health problems.) and a name pops into your head, give them a call. Talk from the heart… Keep it light. Tell them you are having an Open House Home Meeting, very informal and on what days, you should have more than one. (Like Monday, Thursday, Saturday etc.) Let them know what it is about and what is going to happen (business opportunity with video, good snacks, product demonstrations, etc.) and tell then they should come and Drop-In.

How do I get ready for the Home Meeting?

When you are sitting up, I always like to have a nice product display and some open products for sampling. You should be selective as to which product(s) to simple. Products that give immediate results or taste great should be used.

Have support literature to hand out for after the video and discussion. You should have everything you need to make a sale and sign up new distributors (calculator, price lists, sample orders ready.) Have a Starter Kit opened, set-up and on display.

How should I set up the house?

When getting ready for the big day, you should have additional chairs to bring in as required. Do not have a bunch of empty chairs that do not get filled.

Have lamps on, bathroom lights on, private rooms closed off, if you have a patio you should have the doors cracked open for extra ventilation, if not then just open a few windows a little (keep it cool to keep them awake!). Leave the front door ajar before arrival time, with music on and good smells in the air (pop some nice smelling cookies in the oven just before!). DO NOT have the television on! And if you have pets you should have them safely isolated from people.

What do I do when they arrive?

When expected guests arrive, have them sign in on a prepared sheet (helps with follow ups) and introduce them to others. Offer a beverage. Let them see the snacks but do not serve till after!

Casually introduce yourself (you can be seated if you are uncomfortable standing), tell them a little about how and why you became involved. Show the Video.

Following the video, tell your own story… Invite others who are on the products or doing the business to tell their stories. I always like to have some Uplines/ Downlines and friends who are on the product to be at the meetings, it always helps it along and makes a bigger impact on prospects, when people other than you know about the products and can share a story about them. Explain the marketing program if you are comfortable with it, use Company Presentation tools (video, audio, business presentation etc.). If you wish you can finish with another video.

After you are done with the video and stories, you should then, refer to the opened and set-up Starter Kit, explain the cost and what you receive in it. Have the assumption that new distributors will start with a kit and some products. Have a sample order form made up ahead of time so you do not get tangled up in numbers. Have pens and if you wish clip boards available.

Congratulate new distributors! Serve snacks and refreshments. Relax, have fun and help new distributors get started like you.

And ALWAYS remember to talk about the great products along with the business opportunity at your Home Meeting and follow through with your new distributors and prospects, because after they sign-up that is when your job beginnings. (The more they make, the more you make!)

MLM Home Meetings are great! They are fun and comfortable. And even the toughest-stick-in-the-mud eventually relaxes and enjoys the fun of stories, questions, videos, and snacks.

Remember practice makes prefect. If you are not comfortable in doing a Home Meeting yourself, talk with your upline about helping you put it together or even do the Home Meeting. Just as it is your job to help your downline, it is also your uplines job to help you.



Terry and Lynda Sherback

Independent Univera Associates

Our first introduction to this industry was in 1989 when we were introduced to Matol Botanical International and their flagship product Matol/ Km. We had the pleasure of working with some of the giants in the industry and learning from them. Our greatest joy came from seeing how our health products and business opportunity changed people’s lives. When you put together Univera’s products, marketing plan and support programs with Matol’s flagship product; Matol/ Km, you have what we feel is the best this industry has to offer.


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