My boss is eavesdropping on my phone calls, do you think this is messed up or not… (Read on)?

Question by : My boss is eavesdropping on my phone calls, do you think this is messed up or not… (Read on)?
My boss lady and I often have very heated arguments, especially after she takes one of her “vacations” to Florida and comes back expecting me to have all the answers to every single question she asks.
Recently, she went to Florida for a week, and left me with a small amount of her affairs to handle in the office. I did everything she asked, and also took care of my own work. I have a very tedious responsibility in the office without having to be loaded down with her work to make things worse. I didn’t mind the extra responsibility, but I cannot be expected to remember every single tiny detail when I have so much to do in here.
She is bi-polar, so if she misses a pill, she flies off the handle. She came in Tuesday, (I spent all of Monday making sure everything was tip top), and she starts with the questions before the door even closes. She expects an answer right away, and will not give me time to pull up any records.

I haven’t seen my kids in 4 years, and yesterday I had an opportunity to see them, and asked to leave early… she immediately started piling on the work, and said “you can go when these are done”. But with every task I completed, she added another one. I got VERY angry and cursed at her, and threw a stack of papers against a wall. Not good of me, but it felt good at the time. When I finally left, it was too late to make the trip to meet my kids… so I missed out again.

This morning, my sister called to ask me if I was able to go and finally see my kids… and I said no of course, but I could tell the phone was off the extension because it was echoing. My boss was listening to see if I was going to bad-mouth her! She got cold-busted, because the phone in her office rang as I was talking and I could here it over the phone I was on! What do you think of this?
Do you feel she has a right to eavesdrop on my personal calls ?… I know the answer. I just want some feedback on this novel I just wrote. LOL. But seriously, sorry so long. But I had to tell the whole story.

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Answer by Ben
First of all, I had no idea you were an adult. lol

Now that that is out of the way, some places just monitor their calls, no matter what. What makes you think she thinks you’re talking about her? I’d say, stick to e-mail. I’d feel awkward knowing someone else was listening to me. I don’t like talking on the phone anyways tho. Or use your cell phone, if it’s a personal call.

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  • semiserene

    First, you seem to have a vast misunderstanding of bi-polar disorder. Medications tend to maintain a certain level in the bloodstream for about two weeks. Missing one pill won’t cause anyone to “fly off the handle.”

    Second, whether your boss does or does not have a chemical imbalance is not relevant to the matter at hand and is certainly not something you should be discussing with anyone else.

    Finally, your boss does have a right to monitor any calls made on the business telephone and to limit personal calls (even on your own cell phone) during working hours.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to see your kids, though!

  • Mike alike

    Yes see my answer was shorter than your question.

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