My company required that we submit ALL our vacation for 2012 at the end of 2011…. legal?

Question by Lynn1111: My company required that we submit ALL our vacation for 2012 at the end of 2011…. legal?
I’m a single mom of a 1 year old and have 3 weeks vacation in 2012. I never take a “vacation…” I take random days off when I need to in case the sitter can’t watch her, she gets sick… etc. All the employees are complaining that they are asking to do this because most of us ARE parents in the same situation.

Is it legal for them to require this? It’s already past their “cut off date” and they are badgering us for dates. Who would I call to find out if this is legal? Never in all my years of working have I heard of such a thing!!! They also asked that we take HALF our vacation before July!

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Answer by Heather
Yes it is legal. It’s normal that your employer wants people to commit to their 2012 vacation time at the end of 2011. This allows them to enter everyones time into a vacation calendar and to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. If you do not like this, you are welcome to find a new job somewhere else. Do you honestly think you can complain or dictate to your employer that they are abusing their authority regarding vacations? You should not pursue the legality of this unless you are looking to get yourself fired. Your employer is doing nothing wrong.

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  • Judy

    Yes it’s legal. They don’t have to even give you any vacation. If they do, they can set the rules.

    That said, I’d talk to your boss and ask how emergencies will be handled.

  • lcr000

    I am going to explain why it is legal, there is no law in any state that says you get a vacation so therefore there are no laws that says how an employer can administer them, it does not matter if they are earned or accrued the employer is free to say how and even when you can use vacation.

  • Pat

    Here we go again, folks.

    THIS is why you people always whine about the government controlling everything,.
    You think they really do!!!!

    But NOW you want BIG GOVERNMENT

    You have no legal right to any vacation at all.
    Your employer can do whatever he wants to do.

    If you don’t like it, you are free to find a new job.


  • HRmom

    There is no law saying that your company even has to provide you with any vacation time. And in some states, they can even take away what you have accrued and discontinue having any vacation policy at all. You may not appreciate this, but they are simply trying to plan for the time that people will be taking off. They have every right to do this and can even require that you use it all up at once if they want to. You may not like it, but you should appreciate the fact that you get any vacation time at all.

  • Tom K

    All of the answers that you’ve been given are correct. I would simply add that when we interview a prospective employee, we are not even allowed to ask about their childred…or whether they even have any. The care of the children is the employees concern, not the employers. You can’t have it both ways.

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