My family keeps making fun of me, it hurts my feelings, what do I do?

Question by Basalt: My family keeps making fun of me, it hurts my feelings, what do I do?

Yesterday we got back from our “fun filled vacation” in Mexico. It wasn’t fun. So, it’s a little long, I would really appreciate it if you read my story.
My family and I went to visit our friend’s son. Who happens to be in jail for murdering someone. So we went in,the jail I mean and we both really hate each other. Or so I thought. I’m only 13 he is in his very early 20′s. My family talked to him and the usual bull like, “Hows it going?”. I sat back scowling the whole time. You see, 2 years ago when I last visited, all he did was ridicule me and make fun of me, and I was only what? 10? So I was forced to smile and shake his hand and thats when he handed me a stupid letter.
Turns out it was a love letter. I gave it to my dad to go throw away, since he was throwing away some bottles and stuff after we went out of the jail. He read it. It’s terrible, he was like “You are so beautiful, I miss you.” So he gave it to my mom, then little sister, who’s 10, then when we got home from Mexico, my brother. So my whole family knows about this letter. Then my bro gives it to me and says, “This is disgusting, do you know about this?” He handed me the letter I thought was long gone. I read it, and I was filled with hatred and disgust. So now, my mom my dad and my sister are always going like, “If you don’t get your act together, you just might as well get a job when you’re pregnant with ( his ugly name ) kid and live on your own.” And my mom is like, “Ha ha ha!!! I’m going to have a Mexican son in law!! Ha ha ha!!!” and then my sister is like, “Ew, we should just call ( azzhole’s name) and tell him to marry Shannon already.” Well about half an hour ago, my dad was like, “You didn’t do too good in math this year, you’re going to have to do this math book over the summer. Reading all these books is not as important as your grade. Unless you want to runaway and get pregnant with ( name’s) son.” Well that really hurt me feelings. Like, a lot. I know I haven’t been doing well in math last year and I have been trying really hard.
After he ridiculed me, I screamed, “Thats not even funny!” and then he said, “Well, it looks like thats how your future is going to be if you don’t get straightened up.”
Well, I can assure you, if I do say myself, that I am a GOOD GIRL. I’m not doing pot, like 98% of the school is, I’m on the honor roll, I’ve never gotten a detention, not a single bad word. And he’s always like, “I haven’t been impressed with you, these past years.”
That’s a total “Fuk you” to me when he says that. So I’m really sad and I don’t know how to handle this situation. Everyone, except my brother, is being very hurtful to me.
In fact just a second ago, my sister walked an and said, “( Gasp!) I’m gonna tell dad on you! you’re suppose to be studying math! I bet you’re emailing ( name ) aren’t you! Ha ha ha!!”

Please help me, I know if I dont get the upper hand in this stupid situation that they’re going to be making fun of me forever.
Even my mom is contemplating on writing love letters to him, saying they’re from me.

Plesse help me, I don’t know what to do and how to handle this situation. Thanks a lot for reading. It means a lot. Any helpful and non- demeaning answer is always really appreciated!

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Answer by tiny little mexican punk.
That’s horrible. Specially what you’re mom said when she said about a Mexican son in law. It’s just so racist. Ugh. This is what I would do:
When you guys are all together, speak up. Say: You guys may not know that the jokes you say about (name) really hurts me. It hurts me to think that you guys think of me that way. I’ve been trying hard in school, and also trying hard to ignore those jokes. I love you guys. That’s why it hurts so much. I would really appreciate it if You guys would stop making those jokes.

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  • Alex1996

    i’m 13 too and my family does the same thing. the best thing to do is don’t say anything. stay away from them and if u guys eat meals together just make an excuse and eat in another room. they should take the hint u don’t want to be bothered. good luck!

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