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Stone paper, we heard that before? Recently, the “Champions of the Earth stones press conference the new technology of paper,” was held at the State Council Information Office. This does not use wood, do not pollute the environment, environmental protection stone paper products will be the 2010 NPC and CPPCC “two sessions” the first use, this year’s “two sessions” on the bags of some of the documents, notes, etc. will be used as a raw material for stone paper products .

At the meeting, Beijing primary school student representatives historians have got a brand new exercise book, they were surprised to find that this is not only a better job of this writing, but also water-proof anti-curl, which is a stone made of paper exercises. Champions of the Earth Stone Paper Technology Co., Ltd. will donate a Beijing primary school historian green shelves, and promised that the green bookshelves with the use of stones to be environmentally friendly paper printed books.

Reporters on the site of the exhibition to see the stone of paper more resilient than the average paper, not easy to tear, and water-resistant oil. It is understood that the new technology is based on calcium carbonate stones of paper as the main raw material, polymer materials and a variety of inorganic materials for the accessories, the use of polymer interface chemistry and filling modified technology through a special process with a recycle use of modern technical features of the new paper-making technology.

Stone, low energy consumption and paper production process, not using plant fibers, can save a lot of timber, its production will no longer need to add a large number of strong acid, alkali, bleaching chemical agent does not discharge waste water, sludge and toxic and harmful gases, abandoned after natural degradation of the powder back to nature, is the green environmental protection product.

Rock paper can be used for garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, etc.; can also be used for paper, such as printing and writing paper; can also be used in decorative building materials, industrial packaging and other areas, and even paper can be applied to specific aspects of , such as field work papers, military, special paper and so on.

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