Older Dating Why do Women Date Older Men

Who ever said there was some sort of age limit for dating singles. Obviously there will be a bare minimum as to what is really acceptable, for more than one reason, but who says you have to let your dreams of sharing your life with somebody has to stop at age 35, 40 or even 60.  That does not seem fair. And if you are someone who pays close attention to social events, you will see that older dating has become somewhat of a new trend on the social scene. There seems to be a growing trend of younger men and mostly women dating older men, this has been seen among the older dating trend as well

Older Dating Why do Women Date Older Men

If you were to look in the history books you will see that it was expected for young women, as young as 16 to marry older men with the expectations of bearing children and staying at home with them. Today younger women look to dating men 5 to 10 years older than them with the hopes of settling down and starting a family.

Older Dating Why Do Men Date Younger Women

Well this is kind of a no brainier for most if you were to ask a man whether they preferred a woman between the ages of 21-26 or a woman closer to their age of 30-35 they are going to shoot for the more attractive and younger group of women. This is pretty normal, and obviously socially acceptable. This is obviously more so to fulfill a mans physical fantasies of being with younger women, but also compliments their maturity level at the time as well.

Now of course there are going to be men whom prefer a woman closer to their own age and as normal and acceptable as that may seem, there are more surprises to that than there is acceptance. Often times when you see older couples (ages 40) you will find after speaking with them that they have been together for 20 years, and that is the reason for men to often be with a woman their own age. Mainly because they met in school, work or a social gathering but that doesn’t mean that these same married men wouldn’t be with someone younger if they were in the market. Most men would answer differently, if they were to become single due to divorce, more so than widowed.

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