Our Jewish Singles Washington DC Lives, Technically

Even half a century ago, Jewish Singles Washington DC life was practically a mirror image of the world we have now. Our day to day activities are practically unimaginable for our parents (or grandparents) back when they were kids.

No one could have seen the technology boom coming; some Jewish single people can not even believe it now that it is happening for them to see. Phones, tablets, computers: that is not even the beginning. The sites that are out there and the technology that is being made through the use of more technology– it is all altering the country and world.

Facebook is changing the world as we know it; not the site itself, but the amount of our personal lives and information we put on the web and out to the world. We are giving the technology so much power by willingly handing our information to the world. It is nice to have a new type of outlet and even a new way to talk about your Jewish Singles Washington DC life, but the fine print is too small to read.

Social networks might just get you in trouble. When applying for a job, Facebook can show the boss a different side of you. While your résumé will claim that you are a responsible and efficient worker, your Facebook page may show a party boy with no concept of time and enough wall posts bragging about the illegal activity you do to land you a spot in county jail sooner than a desk in upper management. That is not to mention universities that want a well rounded student who exceeds in extra curricular activities. No matter how you try to spin it, “well rounded” will never mean drinking four different types of liquor a night, and extra curricular activities are clubs and sports, not joy riding with your friends and taking a baseball bat to the Jewish single women neighbor’s mailbox.

Facebook is not the way to put your whole life out there. It is not about lying or hiding; it is about putting the best you forward. In another fifty years, who knows where we will be? All that we do know is the importance of not letting technology run our Jewish Singles Washington DC lives.

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