Pick Up Lines That Work – Meeting Single Girls With Magic

Have you ever heard the incredibly bad line? “Hey baby, you know what would look good on you? Me!” Please, please don’t ever use those terrible lines to try to meet a woman. Wait, maybe you should use those lines. If you do it will help weed you out as my competition on the dating scene. No seriously, I don’t want you to fail. I want you to succeed. If you want to be successful in the art of meeting women you will take those crummy pick up lines and toss them in the garbage. If you want to be effective in meeting women you need three things: You need the confidence to see her as your equal. You need the ability to not act like a total dork. You need a hook to draw in her attention.

You are going to need confidence to meet sexy women. Confidence in anything is built by having success in that area. The only way you can have success is to have lots of failures. So in effect the way to build confidence is to go out time and time again and fail. After a while you will begin to get that females are just as human as you are. Just like you and I they have wants, needs and make errors in life. Think of the sexiest girl you have ever seen, just remember even she gets gas sometimes. Consider that point when you go to speak to a female.

When it comes to meeting women some of us act like total dorks. I mean we tremble in her sight. If there is any way to turn off a woman it is to act like you are just graced by being in her presence. Wow, she is sexy, but inside she needs love and attention like the rest of us. So get over it guys. Stop shaking in your boots. Practice with females you are friends with, if you don’t have female friends get some. Actually role play ideas and have conversations. Women are not all out to make you feel stupid, relax and get to know them. All of these tips mean nothing though if you don’t have a hook…

A hook is the only way to really get a female’s attention. The hook is the thing that sets her mind on you and even when you are out of her presence leaves her wanting more. For me the hook has always been magic. I have been an amateur magician for many years and I always carry one or two simple effects that I can perform. These need not be elaborate tricks, but just something fun that you can share and get a laugh out of. The great thing about magic is that it makes you stand out from the rest of the guys. One caution though, no matter what you hook is only do it enough to get her interest and then no more. For me with magic I will perform until a person is literally begging me for another trick and then I stop. There is nothing left to do at that point. You always need to leave people wanting more. Figure out a hook, and use it.

If you want to be successful in the world of meeting women, put away all the books on pick up lines. Stop reading that junk because you are only doing yourself a disservice. A female can spot a con a mile away, when you create a personality based on a pick up line in a corny book you are nothing, but a con. If you want to turn a woman off do that, most women hate it. Instead be confident, be smooth, and hook her in with something unique about yourself.

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