Professional Singles and the Success You Can Have With Online Dating

I still remember when I first fell in love with Jean. We were on our first date, after meeting online. He was so cute in his suit coat and slacks. There was an instant connection as soon as I met his eyes. I am part of the professional singles crowd and always felt that love at first sight is a myth. I never expected someone to affect me as much as Jean did when I first met him. He had this hypnotic effect on me, and even though I tried to resist, there was something that drew me to him. He was not the most charming man I have ever met, but he was incredibly nice and for some reason, even his bumbling shyness was cute to me.

Many of my girlfriends who are professional singles, had told me about the success they had with online dating, but I had never really taken them seriously. I was forever saying that their relationships were flukes, and that they got lucky. After all, there were only two of them. I told them that they were special circumstance cases. It was after a particular night of fun with the girls that they got tired of me doubting them. They said that I needed to try it, and if I did not have the same success they did, then I would be able to knock it. So, I did.

It did not take long to finish the singles profile that they needed, and within two weeks I had a match with Jean. The rest is history. We have been dating for a little over nine months, and I swear I still get the butterflies in my belly. We have had one fight and it was over something completely stupid, and was really my hormones during a bad time of the month.

I have never met a more patient man than Jean. There is a lot of negativity over the years about online dating.

So, here I am telling everyone, online dating really works. If you are still skeptical, I must encourage you to try it. Jean and I are proof that it works, and it works really well.

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