Pros of Singles Dating Washington DC

The number one pro to Singles Dating Washington DC is that it is totally fun!  What is more fun that spending an entire week thinking about Saturday?  Spending an entire Saturday getting dressed up and trying to make your hair look perfect while not looking like you spent too much time on your eye shadow?  Spending an entire Saturday night at a fine restaurant then out on the town for a night of dancing, drinks, and, oh, what’s that?  No designated driver?  Well, I guess we’d better stay in a hotel tonight.  You’re paying!  Then sharing “who’s night was better” stories with your girlfriends the next day.  Yeah, dating is fun.

Another pro to online singles dating is that you can be who you want to be.  Just get a promotion?  Remember to mention in your profile that you are now THE marketer of directing and advertising, not just the assistant any more.  Did you just buy a new car?  Don’t forget to mention it!  Do you love to kiss?  You have now “been told that I am the greatest kisser of all time”!  And, of course, the profile picture.  Remember that extreme close-up of your chest that your best friend took as a joke about the pimple you had on it?  Remember how awesome your chest looks in that picture (minus the pimple)?  Time for photo shop, and wa-la, you have your profile picture!

The last, but perhaps most important, pro to Singles Dating Washington DC is being able to observe and judge someone from afar.  When you meet someone in person, your mind can only focus on what they are telling you, so you are not paying much attention to the way he stands, or processing that he told you he is “in the running for a new position” at his job.  When you view his profile online, you can skip through all the guys who look like they don’t brush their hair or teeth very often, and you can translate things like “in the running for a new position” to “doesn’t exactly have a job at the moment”.

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