Q&A: Applying for Section 8 in Michigan- waiting list is closed?

Question by Andrea Anderson: Applying for Section 8 in Michigan- waiting list is closed?
I am a newly single mother of two girls under the age of 2. I have been told that I would qualify for Section 8 and should apply however I just contacted the Housing Commission for the city I live in and the recording said “the waiting list is closed with no reopen date”… I am okay with waiting until the list reopens but is there any way I can find the date that will happen? Does anyone have any tips for getting through this application process smoothly and quickly?

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Answer by j
dang if u can afford one just hire an attorney…they have easy ways of fixing things that us civilians cant!

trust me its all biz…and michigan…LOTS of people are in section 8 so it could take a long long time

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6 comments to Q&A: Applying for Section 8 in Michigan- waiting list is closed?

  • the kid

    They won’t tell you when it wil reopen b/c they can’t. They don’t know themselves.

  • Something Else

    NO reopen date means they do not KNOW so how would we.
    the only way to handle this process is to accept the fact you will not get a Section 8 voucher for about 5 or 6 years and get on with your life. No sense waiting for and depending on the impossible.
    Sue your ex for Alimony and Child support.

  • chatsplas

    No, you need to check back regularly
    and there will be a huge rush when it opens
    and the wait will be years
    so do the best you can meantime, and don’t count on it
    LESS government means LESS $ $ for such programs. . . . .belt tightening

  • Landlord

    They really do not know. They will reopen it when they think the wait period is going to be only 5 years.

    Applying is very simple, there is no quick though, you have to wait your turn just like everyone else.

    If you work in another county you can apply in that one too.

  • Flower

    If your city Housing Section 8 waitlist is not even open, you might try your county Housing Authority if there is one. If that is closed, try a nearby county. You can also apply in the county where you work. Some cities have their own Section 8 but more often it is a county Housing Authority, where you may live anywhere in that county.

    The HAs that have closed Sec 8 applications may open a couple of weeks a year or not at all. They wont tell you ahead of time, or they would be overwhelmed with thousands of applications. You have to keep calling back. That is the same in most localities.

    When you get the application you can worry about getting through the process but there are groups of people ahead of you once the application process is open again for the waitlist. They are senior citizens, disabled, government-displaced persons and disaster victims, then low income families. So you have a long wait.

    You are free to move to a county where the application process is open and apply there.

    You can also inquire about other subsidized housing programs.

  • spalmer

    Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when it will re-open. Some counties open their list a few times a year and simply place a notice in the newspaper. Other counties only close their list when they expected wait is excessive (for example, 5 years wait period) — if this is the case, it will only re-open when the expected waiting period decreases (which could be a month or could be a year or more).

    If your list is closed, you should assume that it will take 5 years or more before you will hit the top of the waiting list… your best bet is to come up with another housing solution and work on making more income (not easy, I know). Don’t count on section-8… by the time your name comes up, you may not longer qualify income-wise – no way to know.

    I would recommend trying public housing. You don’t get to choose where you live, but the wait list is almost always way shorter. In my city, section-8 has been closed for six months and the wait list is currently 6 years; however, you can get a public housing unit in “the projects” in 60 days. It’s not a good area, but if you need a cheap roof over your head, it’s the answer. Check with your housing authority to see if there are any other programs available with shorter wait times.

    Good luck to you.

    There really aren’t any tips for a smooth application process, except to make sure that you always submit all necessary information in a timely manner. It doesn’t hurt to keep record of all contacts and copies of all faxed information — that proof is necessary sometimes.

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