Q&A: Do young single moms date?

Question by : Do young single moms date?
I was sure she didn’t like me because she said she wasn’t ready to date. I asked her out without knowing her though…then we started to get to know each other. Her reason being that she’s a single mom with a baby, therefore she is not ready to date. But weird things happen a lot now…read on!

Was talking to this girl at work, and she asked how this party I was at was. I told her it must have been awesome because I don’t remember anything. She said, “be careful someone might try to take advantage of you”. She meant take advantage as in sexually, although she was joking…like playfully teasing me. She then kinda reversed it by saying, “because Will might slip you some ruffies” making it sound all gay since I’m a guy. So I don’t know how to take it…does she think I’m gay??

That aside, I catch her staring and glancing at me a lot. She also compliments me sometimes. Also, she’s commented on my Facebook page 3 times this last week, which is rare for her. She has also hugged me very tight, and has come into my personal spacing, even touching me. What should I go with, she likes me, or she’s not interested??

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Answer by Jeanine
Well Dearie I think she only likes you as a friend. I know a lot of single women with kids who prefer not to date because they’re afraid that the next guy they’re in a relationship with will run off at the first sign of trouble. She may still be harboring hard feelings toward her ex, especially if he doesn’t help with her kid. If you really like her, you need to get to know her better to the point where she may want to tell you what happened with her ex. You need to prove to her that you’re going to be there for her and not run away because that is what she clearly is looking for.

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  • alexander w

    .As a single mom she has to be wary of whom she gets too close with. I’m pretty sure this young woman likes you though.So first you have to build up a friendship and gain her trust

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