Q&A: How do u tell if a guy likes you?

Question by KJ: How do u tell if a guy likes you?
There is this guy who is younger than me and i have know him for like eight years. He always seems to ask me a question like “Do you like to double date or single date” or ” what type of qualities do you look for in a guy?” He then turns to my close friend, and repeats the question. Is he doing this because his first reaction is to ask me a pin pointed question or is he too shy too ask my friend first…

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Answer by Johnny D
I think he is trying to move in but is too shy to actually ask you whether you would like to go out.
Try asking him his qualities in a girl and see if they match you in anyway. If so then you can try confronting him when he is done with his “perfect girl” rant.
If you like him ask him if he likes you. No need to make things difficult.
Hope I helped

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