Q&A: How many cds does “Imogen Heap” have out, is any one else a fan of her music???

Question by ME: How many cds does “Imogen Heap” have out, is any one else a fan of her music???
I first heard her music when searching for the background music of “the holiday” and i love her music…. Does anyone know how many cds she has out??? Or any other cool info on her??? Thanks.
My favorite song… “just for now”
I included a link for you to listen and watch a few scenes from “the holiday”…

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Answer by DJ Alski

[edit] Solo albums
i Megaphone (1998/2002/2006) · (Almo Sounds/Aozora Records)
Speak for Yourself (2005) (US #144 · Megaphonic Records/RCA Victor/White Rabbit)
Live Session (iTunes Exclusive EP) (2005)
Untitled Third Album (Q3 2008)

[edit] Solo singles
“Getting Scared” (1998 · Almo Sounds)
“Shine” (1998 · Almo SoundsVictor) (UK: #74)
“Come Here Boy” (1998)
“Hide and Seek” (2005)
“Goodnight and Go” (2006)
“Headlock” (2006)
“Not Now, But Soon” (2008)

[edit] Frou Frou
Details (2002 · Island Records/MCA/Universal) (UK: #128)
“Breathe In” (single) (2002 · Island Records/Universal) (UK: #44)

[edit] Guest appearances
Blanket by Urban Species – “Blanket’ and ‘Predictably Unpredictable” (1998)
Amor Fati by Mich Gerber – “Embers of Love” (2000)
¡Viva Nueva! by Rustic Overtones – “Valentine’s Day Massacre” (2001 · Tommy Boy Records)
You Had It Coming by Jeff Beck – “Dirty Mind” and “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” (2001 · Sony Music)
Tell ‘Em Who We Are by LHB – “Coming Up For Air” (2003 · Telstar TV)
Contact Note by John Hopkins – “Second Sense” (2004 · Just Music)
It’s Better To Have Loved EP by Temposhark – “Not That Big (Metronomy Remix)” (2005 · Paper & Glue)
Foiled by Blue October – “Congratulations” (2006 · Universal Records)
Musikain by J.P. Schwalm – “P.I.N.” (2006 · Musikain Records)
The Invisible Line by Temposhark – “Not That Big” (2007 · Paper & Glue)

[edit] Compilation appearances
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack – “Getting Scared” – (1998 · Warner Music Group)
Virtual Sexuality soundtrack – “Come Here Boy” – (1998 · EMI)
G:MT – Greenwich Mean Time soundtrack – “Mean Time” (with GMT) – (1999 · Island Records/Universal)
Women Talking Dirty soundtrack – “Getting Scared” – (2001 · Polygram International)
Garden State – “Let Go” – (2004 · Epic Records/Sony BMG)
Music from the OC: Mix 4 – “Goodnight and Go” – (2005 · Warner Music Group)
Six Feet Under, Vol. 2: Everything Ends – “I’m A Lonely Little Petunia (In An Onion Patch)” – (2005 · Astralwerks/EMI)
Just Like Heaven Soundtrack – “Spooky” – (2005 · Sony BMG)
Music from the OC: Mix 5 – “Hide and Seek” – (2005 · Warner Music Group)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – “Can’t Take It In” – (2005 · Disney Records/EMI)
The Last Kiss soundtrack – “Hide and Seek” – (2005 · Lakeshore Pictures)
Plague Songs – “Glittering Clouds (Locusts)” – (2006 · 4AD)
So You Think You Can Dance – “Hide and Seek” – (2006)
In Search of Sunrise 6 – “Hide and Seek” (Tiëstos’ In Search Of Sunrise Remix) – (2007)
The Holiday – “Separate Vacations”, “It’s Complicated”, “The ‘Cowch’” and “Three Musketeers” – (2006)
So You Think You Can Dance – “The Moment I Said It” – (2007)
Heroes Original Soundtrack – “Not Now, But Soon” – (2008 · NBC Records)

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