Q&A: I missed the new epsiode of Zoey 101. Can anybody give me a summary of what occured?

Question by Tucker C: I missed the new epsiode of Zoey 101. Can anybody give me a summary of what occured?
Also, do you know if they are reairing it again tomorrow?

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Answer by Paulie Poo
Yes, Zoe got caught smoking and she had to choose between detention and a paddling. She chose paddling. It wasn’t easy for her to take but she took a pillow to class and sat on it afterwards, and yes she was embarrassed.

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2 comments to Q&A: I missed the new epsiode of Zoey 101. Can anybody give me a summary of what occured?

  • myke_bodean1

    Here’s a review.
    This episode made me go INSANEEE!!!

    Well, first off, I saw Chase w/ that Monica girl. It was kinda weird…dontcha think? The thing with Michael and Logan was really funny tho all throughout the eppy. If u notice, Chase falls in front of Zoey for the third year in a row LOL. Then there was that whole thing w/ Coco LOL.


    Then came… that part…

    Zoey was headed to Chase\’s dorm to PROVE to Lola and Quinn that \”Chase was not in love w/ her.\” (pshh yeah right). ANYWAYS….then, she just barges in & Chase and Monica r kissing! OMG! Awww I felt so bad for Zoey and Chase too.

    Zoey because it must\’ve been so awkward and weird…and heartbreaking if she liked him…

    Chase because again SO AWKWARD and also the girl he LOVES just barges in on him kissing another girl…

    Couldn\’t y\’all kinda feel their pain when u saw the episode?

    And the WORST PART is….THEY JUST ENDED IT!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I was so upset! So can\’t wait any longer to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!

    No it’s not on tomorrow.

  • dolphinlover

    I don’t think they’ll reair it today. But i’m sure they’ll reair it sometime. You can check out YouTube.com for the season premiere episode. I’m not 100% sure if it’s on there, but you can try.

    Okay, so here’s what happened:

    First thing we see is Chase walking with this girl and saying that this is PCA and everything, and the girl is like “I can’t believe this is a school, it feels like we’re on vacation!” We have no clue who that girl is.

    Then Chase sees and hears Michael and Logan arguing and he finds out that they’re arguing about who gets the single bed. So Chase makes a deal with them and says whoever gets to the dorm first, will get the single bed. So, Michael and Logan agree on it and then Chase pushes them both down and runs away (so he can get to the dorm first and get the single bed). On his way he sees Zoey and greets her and like runs away.

    Dustin was with Zoey and his friends are like “Hey Dustin, wanna come and hang out with us” or something like that and Dusting said he couldn’t because he promised Zoey he’d be helping her unpack, but then his friends tell him that there’s a few girls who are also there and Dustin leaves Zoey immediatly and goes hanging out with his friends.

    Zoey arrives at her dorm and sees this person holding a matress and all you can see is the person’s boots, so Zoey says “I love the boots, but uh..the outfit is a little too rectangular.” Lola then drops the mattress and goes to hug Zoey and asks her what she doing, so Lola says she wanted to have the top bed before Nicole comes and gets it.
    Then Zoey tells Lola that Nicole won’t be coming back to PCA for a while because during the summer Nicole’s mom took Nicole to a doctor or something and they said that Nicole had this disease that said she’s boy crazy. So her mom send her to an all girls school.

    Anyways, Chase gets to a dorm and jumps on the single bed and is like “Yay! I got here first” but then the nerds (from the RobotWar episode) are sitting playing chess and this says “What are you doing?” and tells Chase that he’s at the wrong dorm. So Chase hurries and gets away.

    Meanwhile Lola and Zoey get Quinn as roommate and Quinn is unpacking all these weird stuff and everything.

    Chase finally gets to his dorm and Michael and Logan are on the single bed, arguing. Like “I got here first.” “No, i got here first!” So Chase tells them to figure it out another way.

    Then Chase goes to Zoey’s dorm and asks Zoey if he can talk to her and she’s told him that she’ll talk to him later because she wants to unpack everything first. Chase leaves and Zoey says to Lola and Quinn that she wonders what Chase has to tell her and Lola and Quinn get giggly and everything and says that Chase wants to tell Zoey that he’s in love with her. Zoey doesn’t believe them but Lola says that everyone knows that Chase is head over heels about Zoey.

    Logan and Michael got another method for figuring out who gets the single bed by eating the most salsa peppers in a hour and whoever eats the most, wins.

    Then Zoey and Chase are talking about what the did during summer and Zoey says like she was a lifeguard and everything. Then Michael and Logan come and soak their heads in the fountain and they couldn’t talk and so Chase tells them that they can maybe figure it out by boxing. So Michael and Logan go off and box.

    Zoey gets a call from Lola telling her to go back to the dorm, so Chase didn’t have the chance to tell Zoey whatever he wanted to tell her.

    Anyways, later on, Dustin sees Michael and Logan boxing and asks them why they don’t just figure it out by flipping a coin and so they flip a coin and it turns out Michael get the single bed.

    Zoey goes to Chase’s dorm and opens the door and there sits Chase and this girl (Monica) from the beginning of the episode on the bed, making out. And Zoey was like really unhappy and Chase was like “Zoey…i want you to meet my girlfriend, Monica”. And the episode ended there.

    Okay, i’m tired now. Anyways, hope this helped. :D

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