Q&A: If two people meet online can they establish a romantic relationship without meeting in person first?

Question by Cecilia: If two people meet online can they establish a romantic relationship without meeting in person first?
Just talking through webcam/text.

Can they really say they are “dating” if they’ve never met in person?

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Answer by Brandy
You’re infatuated by the fantasy of him, Cecilia… not the reality. True love cannot genuinely exist between people who have never met. Sorry!

But if you think that a guy might be interested in you, then just be straight up and ask him directly. Lots of guys prefer the blunt and honest approach instead of subtle hints, mind games, and random people getting in the middle.

Hopefully, the guy is not a stranger to you (i.e., you should have some mutual friends in real life even if you two have never met). Don’t ever meet any guys from free ads (craigslist, whatever)… too many perverts, liars, predators, and scammers are on free sites!!! Facebook is just as bad. Also, if any internet guy EVER asks you for money for whatever reason… then he’s a scammer.

Confused about romantic relationships? I used to be really confused, too. Luckily, I was blessed to have several older brothers and respectable parents (they’re still married after more than 3 decades) who cared about me. They wanted to keep me out of trouble, so they explained lots of things to me over the years… and now I’ll try to help you a little bit.

How can you tell if a guy likes you?
- He’ll stare, try to hang around you, find stupid reasons to talk to you, maybe act nervous… stuff like that.

However, the motives for a guy’s interest in you is VERY important… so you’ll need to evaluate that, too.
- If a guy is mature and he genuinely cares for you, then he’ll be concerned about your feelings and your long-term best interests. That means he won’t be trying to get into your bra and panties too quickly.
- If a guy is just lusting after you… then his top priority will be satisfying his own selfish desires. He’ll lie, and tell you that he loves & cares for you. He’ll tell you whatever he thinks will work in an effort to get into your bra and panties. That’s how losers & players operate.
- You probably won’t be able to tell too much about a guy until you get to know him better and he gets you alone… and after that, it should be pretty obvious where his priorities are.

How can you let a guy know that you’re interested?
- Make good eye contact.
- Smile.
- Act fascinated by whatever he says or does.
- Ask him questions.
- Do these things every day.

When you find a nice BF, then keep him happy by giving him some simple problem to solve (homework), ask him to assist you with something helpful but definite that has an ending (like washing your Dad’s car), and give him some compliments. He also might like to bake sugar cookies with you…. but only if you promise to give him some of the raw dough to eat.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a BF will become your BFF. It ain’t gonna happen. Guys simply don’t want to sit around and talk endlessly about your feelings, their feelings, their history, their future with you, who did what to whom, or whatever. Sorry!

Also, females trying to talk to a BF in endless detail about her issues and conflicts only serves to make a guy really annoyed. Why? Because young females rarely listen to or implement any advice given by their BF for a solution, and then the following day the BF is expected to listen to their GF’s next load of crap ALL OVER AGAIN… crap that she won’t take any advice for anyway.

Finally, I’d suggest not dropping your panties for any guy. I’m saving myself for marriage. That one single policy has unmasked countless miserable jerks who at first seemed genuinely nice… until they discovered that they weren’t getting any. That’s when the mask dropped and they showed their true intentions, their true character, their morals & standards, and their priorities.

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1 comment to Q&A: If two people meet online can they establish a romantic relationship without meeting in person first?

  • Goomena

    If you feel like you’re dating, then you are dating. There are no rules or regulations in love and relationships, nor any need to put labels on what is or what isn’t a relationship.

    Even if you are in love with this “fantasy”, you’re still in love. The only differences are: 1) it’s a lot tougher to monitor how faithful either one of you are, obviously. Either one can remain faithful, while the other does whatever they want! The same goes with lying and truthfulness in general. 2) It’s true that compatibility issues that may show up in person might disappear online, like body chemistry.

    But who’s to judge what’s dating or what’s not? If you both really feel like committing to it, go for it.

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