Q&A: My single mom dating?

Question by Haki: My single mom dating?
My mom is a a single mom and i don’t know if she is dating or not
whenever i ask her if she was dating my friends dad (which is married) she gives me an half assed answer
she would say “yes” then when i go into the details she was say “no” and laugh casually
sometimes she was say “no” first and then “yes” then and laugh casually
so i don’t if its just brushing me off or she is embarrassed
i would like her to be happy but i want to know what is going on with my mom
she is often times distant and impossible to get close to her.

Part of me knows that i will loose a lot of my respect for her if she dates someone that is married because its not the frist time

And often times she wouldn’t make dinner but if that guy comes she would make all sorts of delicious food

I don’t know what i should do . i know that i shouldn’t get jealous
How do i go to her, she is so hard to talk to and shy at getting her feelings out. It meakes me so lonely at times
If it were to be true, should i support

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Answer by Kim B
Write your mom a letter and tell her how you feel in it. And ask her to write you back, it will be a lot easier to talk stuff out if its not face to face pressure.

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  • Ladii Strawberry

    well from wat ive read ya mom does lyk da guy mayb she is ashamed n doesnt want u 2 no mayb she has dated him but if ya mom is happy u shud support her half way bcuz den again it is wrong 4 her 2 date a married man n imagine all da problems it wud cause.. u shud talk 2 her which wud seem weird since she shud b da mom n ur da daughter but she shud no its wrong n if u tell her mayb she wud c dat ur catchin on….. other den dat idk wat 2 tell u

  • caramba! O

    You want what is best for her, but it might not be what you think she needs. Leave her all her space, don’t ask or pry. Whomever she dates, that’s her life and that’s her karma. Learn to cook healthy meals, Internet is full of recipes and how to’s. She seems to have her own set of rules and, you kow, parents are not always right, not nearly, but they do what they can. Be happy and please don’t judge her too harshly.

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