Q&A: Need some help with a school project please?

Question by cora: Need some help with a school project please?
I’m doing a bullying project with some friends at school we need some ideas for what to do. Please help thanks :)

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Answer by Laura
Idea 1: for if you’re doing a skit, class involvement, or short movie: start with two people talking. One person tells a secret to the other and asks them not to tell. It could be anything. Parents getting divorced, a break up, being pregnant, having sex, anything. Fast forward. That person tells someone else. Then have a scene where you play telephone. Passing it from one person to the next. The last person approaches the first and makes fun of them for their secret.

Or a variation of this would be to have the class involved. Walk to the front of the class, and start your presentation like this: walk to the first desk in the first row. Whisper to the person sitting there, only loud enough for them to hear “Angela told me she had sex with Dustin Craig. Pass in on.” Then encourage them to whisper it to the next person.” If they continue to pass it, the rest of the class will be enthralled to know what the secret is they’re missing out on. When it gets to the last person, and they tell someone in your group, have that person approach “Angela”. They can call her names and tease here about how everyone knows etc. then you can explain that spreading rumors is not only rude but gives ammunition to people who do the bullying. The are contributing to the problem.

If you play telephone within your group instead of the class, you would then explain it. You could show one person telling off the others for spreading rumors and instead comforting and trying to help the person instead. The same would work if you did it in class and someone refused to play telephone. If someone just stopped telling the secret to the next person everyone would look at them like “what just happened.” You would then explain that this person just stopped bullying from ever happening because the bully never had any ammunition.

Idea 2: have everyone in your group dress exactly the same, get temporary hair dye or wigs, or only use people who look similar. Have them have a conversation stating all the things they’re good and bad at. I have experience with track so my example would be “we’re all such good sprinters! There isn’t a single school that has better sprinter than us! It’s too bad none of us have endurance, or can throw a discus. We’re all the same! If only we we’re different we could work together to win some meets!” I would end the skit and then give a short speech on why everyone has something different to offer and if everyone were the same, our community would really be missing out.

That’s all I have for now, best of luck and I hope these help you or spark some ideas!

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