Q&A: What is the main idea/ ending of Donnie Darko?

Question by Jpod-|: What is the main idea/ ending of Donnie Darko?
I have seen it like 6 times and I love it, I always thought that it had to do with fate, and time travel. That Donnie was supposed to die at the start when that turbine missed him and he lived out his live, but it made so many peoples lives worse, so time reversed and he died before he had a chance to kill frank or let his girlfriend die… thoughts?

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Answer by Jake L
LOL dude you looked into it way to far.
The movie COULD be that but its always a mystery if that truely did all happen or he was insane.They kindof leave it as he was schizophrenic and the engine came through and killed him.It leaves it up to you to decide

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  • Dan72

    I think “Jake L” has completely overlooked the directors interpretation of the movie. There is definitely a lot more to it than that.

    There are elements of fate and time travel within the movie but that’s not really what it’s about. The real explanation follows the book Donnie gets from his teacher, “The Philosophy Of Time Travel” by Roberta Sparrow.

    Most of the film is actually set in a parallel Universe and the point of the film is Donnie trying to erase it safely. At midnight on October 2nd there was a corruption in time and a Tangent Universe was created. When this happens a metal Artifact will also appear (in this case a giant jet engine). The next 28 days are set in this alternate reality which has a few different rules from the Primary Universe.

    Donnie is chosen to return the Artifact back into the real world which will allow the Tangent Universe to collapse safely and let the Primary Universe (which was on pause) start up again on October 2nd.

    I wrote a full explanation here for a more in depth view of the movie.
    If you read this I guarantee every single part of the film will make sense.

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