Q&A: What new categories have been added to Yahoo Answers?

Question by Treesy: What new categories have been added to Yahoo Answers?
About three years ago several new categories were added to the site. Does anyone know what they were and can list them?
Categories most definitely do not appear and disappear all the time.
The last name change was the World Cup category from 2006 to 2010. It has been years since any new categories were added.
Bullfighting is glitchy and comes and goes on the US site.

(why do people bother when they don’t know the answer?)

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Answer by Yahzmin (US) (returns)
Categories appear and disappear on here all the time, sorry. There are so many categories, that it is hard to keep track. They have also combined some and broken some apart. The only one I know of for certain is Bullfighting. On the US site, it took a lot of effort from users to get them to remove that category. But they finally did.

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  • I'll answer if I can

    According to this link from SearchEngineWatch there were “23 top-level categories” when Answers was first lunched in 2005 (there are 26 main category headings now) though there are only 16 listed from the link below.


    “December 7, 2005

    The Birth of Yahoo Answers

    * Auto & Transportation
    * Business & Finance
    * Computers & Internet
    * Consumer Electronics
    * Dining
    * Education & Reference
    * Food & Wine
    * Health & Beauty
    * Local Businesses
    * Love & Romance
    * News & Events
    * Politics & Government
    * Pregnancy & Parenting
    * Science & Math
    * Society & Culture
    * Travel”

    And Looking at the current “All Categories” list it looks like they made a few changes to some categories, some have only been reworded slighly, but “Love & Romance” no longer exists as main category. They have renamed that one and put it under the sub-heading of Singles & Dating under Family & Relationships.

    Also “Health & Beauty” are no longer linked together they are both listed as main categories now. So with something like Beauty & Style, and Health, I suppose each sub-category developed at a later date as demand increased for answers.

    - Beauty & Style
    Fashion & Accessories
    Other – Beauty & Style
    Skin & Body

    - Heath
    Alternative Medicine
    Diet & Fitness
    Diseases & Conditions
    Health & Well-Being
    Men’s Health
    Mental Health
    Other – Health & Beauty
    Women’s Health

    Also missing from the list is Yahoo! Products though don’t know if it was there from the very beginning because have only used the site for 3 years, or if like other categories it developed as demand increased.

    - All Categories as listed now -
    Arts & Humanities
    Beauty & Style
    Business & Finance
    Cars & Transportation
    Computers & Internet
    Consumer Electronics
    Dining Out
    Education & Reference
    Entertainment & Music
    Family & Relationships
    Food & Drink
    Games & Recreation
    Home & Garden
    Local Businesses
    News & Events
    Politics & Government
    Pregnancy & Parenting
    Science & Mathematics
    Social Science
    Society & Culture
    Yahoo! Products

    So even if I can’t give you a full listing of the changes in all catergories over the years, I hope this helps gives some idea of the changes that have taken place to the listing over time ;)

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