Q&A: What would you do if you and your spouse spent every single today together for a month without working?

Question by Magic 8 Ball ( * )( * ): What would you do if you and your spouse spent every single today together for a month without working?
My husband is in the Army, and we are moving at the beginning of July. He is taking a large block of vacation before we go, so we have a full month together before we move. Our son will be in school for a few more weeks, so it will just be the two of us.

Would you be excited to spend a whole month, all day everyday, with your spouse?

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Answer by Happy-2
Yes, I’d be excited. Sounds really nice to me.

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19 comments to Q&A: What would you do if you and your spouse spent every single today together for a month without working?

  • Starfish

    We did that for about three months….I loved it, even though I do also enjoy being alone. It was sad when he had to return to work….

    I think you should be very excited…..but still make sure to do things separately once in a while!

  • Another Censored Enigma

    My wife would claim that she wants to spend every single waking moment with me, but…
    …I’m sure my murder would be ample proof that she lies.

  • christy

    i would be super excited, we get along great and would have fun

  • Flower Power

    you guys should do alot of stuff befor he goes
    i have alot of S** BEFOR
    just saying

  • Jackie

    If you have the money take a vacation. Just the two of you. Love, Live, and Laugh.

  • Ted M P

    I think one of us would go missing

  • csilv_98

    sounds like “HONEYMOON”, i would definitely love it. lol! =)

  • BabeHart

    Preparing for the move will likely keep you somewhat busy…hope it goes smoothly (as a former Air Force dependent I’ve done that plenty of times in my life).

    I’d love the opportunity to spend a month with my special someone, but considering we don’t see each other often it’s certainly a different situation than if we were married and already seeing one another daily…hope you two enjoy the time together!!!


    Yes I think* I would. lol….As long as there wasn’t alot of drunken binges along the way it would be fun….( I hate him when he drinks, he is a friggin idiot) and so am I,but of course that is much harder for me to determine! lol.

  • Tino {20}

    Hell yeah I would. I took a week and a half off from work before my wife left with her Guard unit. Let’s just say there was a lot of sex involved.

    I’ll tell you what BILF, I gotta give you some props for having the chops to deal with multiple deployments. I admit I miss my wife like crazy but it kills me having to explain it to my youngest daughter why mommy isn’t going to be home for awhile. We made pillowcases that have a picture of my wife in her uniform and everyday my daughter tells me how she misses her “best friend”. When I tuck her in at night she give her mom’s picture a kiss and says “I love you, sweet dreams”. I have to admit it puts a lump in my throat looking at her sad little puppy dog eyes.

  • $0.02 REMAINS

    We would kill each other, or ourselves, within two weeks.

    We need time apart occasionally, like any normal couple does. We don’t enjoy all of the same activities, so her going on a ten-mile mountain hike with me would be just as painful and distasteful as me going on a shopping spree with her.

    Every day together would be exciting. All day every day together would not.

  • alwayswvgirl

    I would cherish every moment!

  • marypoppins

    a full month just us two….ummm….yeah. no. not appealing to me.

    i like my space. i dont mind doing things with my husband and i enjoy his company, but i do value my alone time and a month straight with my husband doesn’t sound like a fantasy.

    that being said, i’m sure you dont have to spend every waking moment with him for the full month. it’s a vacation! i’m sure he has plans and you have plans and then you guys have plans together.

  • say it all...

    We did this over the winter. I was laid off in December and he’s been out on work injury. We spent almost 3 months home together…

    It was great! I’d put our daughter on the bus and then crawl back into bed with him…made for some very enjoyable and lazy mornings…we’d hit the library, take walks, run errands, sit and chat. My husband would get our daughter off the bus in the afternoon and then go tinker in the basement. He left us girls to do our own thing so we would spend time making homemade bread, pizza, work on scouting projects, help with homework – spend some good bonding time together.

    I am glad to be working again but I truly did enjoy spending that time at home together.

  • Mr O

    i’d be excited! Usually we only get a few hours a day because of stupid work.

  • tludwig40

    Yes. We did that shortly after we were married, and it was probably the best month of my life. When neither of us are working, we’re so much more relaxed and able to enjoy each other much more.

  • Marilyn

    We’ll be on our own for two weeks in July as the children will be on a day camp outside of the city. As we mostly speak only about children, I’m glad we’ll have to work for these two weeks. But I’m still anticipating spending afterwork time all alone with him. There probably will be extra working for me or after dinner cycling.

  • deborah g

    I would be very excited!!! It would be like a vacation. I’m sure we would fight here and there but I would really love to have a month alone with him.

  • Sandy Ego

    We just spent 3 weeks together visiting my family in a diff. country. I wouldn’t want to spend this long of a time cooped up in the same room together, but going on vacation and having fun is great.

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