River City appliance stores golden week “shopping in mind” – fridge, liquid crystal, home

Fighting in the household appliance stores 3 hours, during and promoters “wits” to their satisfaction with the successful purchase price of various home appliances. Yesterday, Wang told reporters to describe their own stores appliances “shopping” experience.

Also looking for allies to buy home appliances

The eve of National Day, Miss Wang on a certain brand 42-inch LCD TV has been a long time favorite, helpless its price has been high. National Day arrived, she went straight home appliance stores. After some bargaining, promoters only willing to sell than the activities of the lowest 200 yuan her, but the price of the psychological level off than her 300 yuan higher. Buy it on the wound and the TV? Miss Wang is hesitant, and yet again a look at TV’s grandmother. Coincidentally, her mother read the same as with the Wang model, the same size LCD TVs. Mother war of words with the promoters, Wang advantage of the opportunity, “picking up one ear.” “The price you you serve, if you do not sell, then I went to another place to buy. You this model, I have acquaintances, getting goods is the price.” The mother looks very smart, “struggle against the experience , “and has exploration well in advance of each store prices. Promoters appear to have encountered strong opponents, hesitant after half a day, and finally agreed to her mother, grandmother to buy the next day if you can give this price. Mother did not walk a few steps, Wang hurry to catch up before the price to probe her mother. Mother was a zealous man, readily told Wang, promoters have promised to 8,000 yuan transactions, and this price is the price of psychological Wang! Rejoicing under Wang as a friend immediately and then her mother and promoters “negotiations”, eventually to buy your favorite television at this price.

Carefully compare the various promotions A particular brand of refrigerator, before the National Day has been firm, and the National Day, and finally there is none other activities, Wang hopes low selling price again, promoters undaunted: “This price does not decrease, if necessary We posted their money.

“It seems prices is difficult to break through. Wang looked at the brand activity of gifts, so some tongue with the promoters, the success of the gift “upgrade.” “If the price directly, do not participate in shopping activities; if the participating malls and other promotions, higher selling price a lot.” Some “shopping” experiences, Wang found that, although some brands have also introduced a discount appliance activities, but customers who participated, you can not also participate in other activities of shopping centers; while shopping for the purchase of single items and the cumulative difference between shopping activities also. Therefore, when customers buy goods, we should carefully ask promoters, the brand will participate in the activities, to participate in worthwhile activities which have small brains.

3 hours, more Miss Wang, a total value of 14,000 yuan to buy home appliances, save a thousand dollars than usual. It appears that cost-conscious “shopping” or worth it!

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