Same old, same old in “Singles & Dating”?

Question by Just Jessica: Same old, same old in “Singles & Dating”?
Okay, I have been with Yahoo! Answers for a little over a week and I’m noticing a very linear trend when it comes to the questions that get asked. So, my question is: “Do You get Tired of the Same questions, over and over again?”

Well, here’s a list of my most common answers:

“Does he/she like me?” and/or “How do I know he/she likes me?”

If he/she goes out of her way for you, yes. This includes constant eye contact, flirting and/or 45+ hours of talking. If he/she doesn’t like you, people tend to be obvious – get a clue.

“Guys do you like [you description here] kind of girls?” or “Girls, what do you think of [your description here] type of guy?”

Guys like girls and girls like guys. There is literally as many tastes as there are people. There’s no standard for how a girl or girl should be – there’s someone out there looking for the qualities that make you YOU! Fat, skinny, nerd, popular – you name it, there’s someone. Be patient, they will come.
“I’m [ages 14 - 19] and I still don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Help me!”

Hold your horses, kiddo. You’re still young. These things come with time, so don’t worry. Worry about a secure career and set some goals. Don’t let this “no-partner” gig make you lose focus on the rest of your life.
“He’s/She’s cheating – what do I do?”

Leave. He/she is not worth your time.

“Is this love?”

Love is wanting to see the other person happy more that you’d want that happiness for yourself. If he/she is willing to sacrifice part of who she/he is, then: Yes. It’s love.

No, it’s not wanting to bed him/her – that’s lust. No, it’s not a “funny feeling” when he/she walks by – that’s a crush. Usually, you love someone AFTER you’ve gotten to know them. Love at first sight? Made up by the same people that brought you Valentine’s Day.
So, if there’s any other answers you feel you’ve given too much of, feel free to post!
Got a few more:

“How do I ask her out?” OR “How can I tell him/her I like him/her?”

Nike said it best: JUST DO IT.

“Girls, tell me what you think [your photo link here]”

I think you need to stop trying to assert your self-esteem and get a girl.

“Girls, call me!”

Um, no.
“How do I make him like me?” OR “How do I turn him on?”

You’re a girl. Use those girly qualities!

Best answer:

Answer by Aisy
hilariously true.

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  • jellyfishwich

    YES! I think they ought to have a teenager’s category, just to save the rest of us from this drama that used to be suffered in silence in previous generations rather than asked in this forum. Bah. I’m so tired of reading questions from children who want to read meaning into every single thing, when nothing at that age really means anything anyway. Thanks for letting me vent!

  • Diego P

    -Yes. It does get tiring. But what are you going to do? Most of the people asking are in their early teens, and have the same questions.
    -It frustrates me that these teens can’t simply look up the same question their asking, before posting their questions. I’m sure there are hundreds of answers, to the same teen question.

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