Seattle Singles Take Flight for Fun Events and Adventures

Seattle Singles are you ready to get your feet wet with some events and adventures. Good, because we have a rather unusual activity planned for you. Get set to board a private charter plane that takes you on a scenic tour of Seattle area waterways. Our adventure begins in Lake Union where single men and women who wish to participate and register early will board an Events and Adventures private chartered plane. No, no, sorry to disappoint you, the plane you will be boarding is not a private jet and although we do have a catered champagne brunch awaiting us halfway through the day, we are not suggesting this trip is one for jet setters. In fact, aside from the privately catered brunch at a remote and undisclosed location right off the waterway, our adventure is more for lovers of nature than lovers of caviar. Still, our pilot has a talent for water landings, which is something no captain of a jet airliner wishes to boast since that likely means he may well have crashed a few times.

To the point, this singles only event scheduled in April 2011 includes an afternoon tour of Scenic Seattle and midway we shall taxi in for a water landing in our floatplane. At that time, Events and Adventures participating members will disembark the floatplane to spend some leisure time enjoying a privately catered brunch complete with champagne. Later, we will re-board our chartered plane do a bit more sightseeing and then finally we will all meet up at a local Seattle club for a few more cocktails and other refreshments. Yes, you can count on making a day of it with your friends at Seattle’s Events and Adventures singles activities club.

How fun does this activity sound to you? This is just one of between 30 and 50 events scheduled every month of the year for members of Events and Adventures Seattle. Stop looking at online chat sites and quit hoping to meet your soul mate via a match making service and make a decision to start embracing new life experiences such as this all day champagne brunch and private plane affair.

Events and Adventures is NOT a dating service and we do not promise you will meet the man or woman of your dreams and live happily ever after. What we do promise at Events and Adventures is that you will have some of the most fun times and opportunities for new life experiences that you never before imagined yourself doing. Stop wasting your precious time and get Seattle’s fastest growing singles activities group on the phone line – we cordially invite you to join us in the pursuit of fun!

Events and Adventures website is located at or you can phone us for an appointment with one of our enrollment counselors. Our number is 1-800-386-0866.

Join other forward thinking single men and women in Seattle’s hottest club, Events and Adventures. Make plans today to start living and enjoying new life experiences. Phone us at 1-800-386-0866 or stop by our website at

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