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Waving goodbye to my sports buddies, I made my way back home. It has been another grueling day at training. Hard work but I know it will pay off in the next trials. My friends and I meet every morning 6 times a week to preparing for the championship trials. We spend our entire days stretching, sprinting and running to build stamina and strength to see us through the triathlon. Our training keeps up busy and it is not so tough when one enjoys the company. We spend so much of our time together that family takes backstage and relationships with people outside our circle is not easy to maintain. We call ourselves the athletic singles. We are athletic alright and very much single, by choice.

It is not easy to meet other people when I have to be up in the wee hours of the days to start my morning run, and end the day long after the sun sets. I have no complains being part of the athletic singles. I kind of enjoy the status. Being involved in athletics is a constant surge of adrenaline which I am not sure is always the case when in a relationship. My single status gives me freedom to pursue my life the way I want it. Right now my focus is on finishing top 5 in the upcoming event. I need to train hard because it is not an easy feat. I do not expect anybody else to understand my desire to achieve to achieve my goal…..

Well except maybe the rest of the athletic singles.

Almost all of us tried dating outside the circle of athletic singles, and we all agreed that it is difficult for outsiders to understand our goals and desires. Does this mean we remain single indefinitely or that we are not able to relate to others? I do not think so. It is just a matter of choice to concentrate on our sports career and fulfill our athletic goals at this point in life. Maybe I may get to meet other athletic singles, one of whom may be the one. That will happen when it is meant to happen. Right now my goal as one of the athletic singles is to finish the upcoming event as planned.

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