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51 since the opening sale of gold Zhouquan Guo, Chen Cheng received attention and support of consumers.

It is reported that on May 1 ~ 3 3 days


Last year, a significant upgrade over the previous year the amount of color TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones up 30% on average.

Blowout sales growth in each category across the board year on year

Suning Appliance store in the street, Taiyuan Street shops, Hing Wah Street shop, shop Sanhao occupy the major downtown business district of Shenyang, Chen Cheng became the first choice of consumers bulk home appliances, there are scenes of blowout sales.

Yesterday (May 3), the reporter in Suning stores in the street to see, from the first floor to the fifth floor, almost every

Appliance World Expo

Areas are surrounded by a large number of customers purchasing electrical appliances, and even rely on each floor of the cashier entered the advanced POS systems, maintains an average of 30 seconds to complete a transaction rate of more than a dozen people still waiting in long lines, selling heat frightening.

It is reported that sales growth in the top column is color TV, cell phones and other consumer


Goods, an increase of respectively 30% and 40%; the same time, with the recent rise in the temperature of the continuous, air conditioners, refrigerators and other large electrical appliances sales growth as more prominent, more than 40%. In addition,


, Computers, kitchen and other categories have also suffered from a different rate of growth, “51″ sale across the board gains across the board.

This stage of TV promotion, Suning certainly doing my part.

Major domestic and international TV brands are keen to seize this opportunity to work closer together and Suning, use of the new 2009

Flat Panel TV

And price promotion pull full-blown TV consumption. Sales data from Suning can be seen, the overall TV sales grow more than the average growth rate of 50%, 46-inch and above


Below the market price of the bottom line, triggering a consumer buying binge, and 37-inch, 42-inch mainstream LCD TV sales quadruple, up nearly 60%.

Stocking appliance

positive benefits the whole category War “51″

Su Ning said, in order to ensure sufficient supply of adequate, Suning has now combined TV, communication, refrigerators, washing machines, electric appliances manufacturer living selling goods on the most mainstream of emergency replenishment. Additional full of promotional resources to straight down, discount, single items to buy gifts, hedging bonus, draw five major ways to carry out promotional activity continued to May 7, so that every consumer has the opportunity to enjoy in Suning better prices and better quality



From today until May 7, Suning Appliance Golden Zhou Quanguo sale will continue to carry out hot, which made 32-inch LCD below 2,200 yuan, 40-inch LCD below 4000 yuan! Holiday Ice cool wash showed off the gold price, special automatic washing machine below 900 yuan heavy volume sales! Air Conditioning major benefit to sell the brand to form joint teams, an average decrease of 10% to 30%! Living small appliances, loose off the bridge 8 boutique selling a rice cooker!

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