Single Trip Travel Insurance !

Single trip travel insurance brings peace of mind to travelers who’re looking to safeguard their travel as well as vacations. It protects them against any mishap that may occur when they are out for enjoying their holidays. The coverage offered against any financial loss provides great relief from uncertainty. Trust, you’ll be able to enjoy you vacation with any stress and hassle especially when you’re in a foreign country. It is a great way of protecting financial coverage to your investment on making travel arrangements and savings of your life.


Single trip insurance policy is for those individuals who travel only once a year. It is not at all suitable for frequent travelers. Coverage for one time is required in order to safeguard yourself from any unexpected loss. When you fly abroad, you may often experience, flight delay, cancellation, loss or damage to baggage and other precious belongings and medical emergencies. Instead of taking a risk, it’s wise that you protect yourself and buy adequate coverage.


The insurance policy will include coverage against missed, delayed and cancelled departure, postponed, curtailed and cancelled trip, loss/damage or theft of baggage, money, passport, jewelry, camera, watch, laptop and other expensive stuff, sickness, injury, fever, personal accident, surgical treatment, ambulance expenses, hospital expenses, emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Depending upon your requirements and level of risk associated with your travel, you can customise your policy.


Single trip insurance UK is available for individuals as well as family. If you’re going on a family vacation, kids below eighteen years of age are covered for free. You’ll have to pay premium for you and your spouse. The main benefit of buying insurance for single vacation is that it comes very cheap and offers everything that you require. The major disadvantage is that it can not be used again if it couldn’t be used during stipulated time period. It can’t be carried forward.


In order to buy appropriate insurance, it is necessary to know how much coverage you require. Assess risks and uncertainties associated with your travel and look for an adequate coverage. Make sure to buy it from a reliable insurer.

Travel Guard provides comprehensive Single Trip Travel Insurance from just £2.40 for cover in the UK, European cover from £2.58 or £6.71 for Worldwide (ex US, Canada & Caribbean) or £9.96 for Worldwide (inc US, Canada & Caribbean) cover. Buy instantly travel insurance now.

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