Single white man looking for friendship

For the past couple of years, after my wife died, I have wanted to meet someone to spend time with. It wasn’t like when I was younger. Most of the good looking women are already involved with someone or not that interested in someone like me. I really am a little shy, but that doesn’t mean that I not fun to be around. I own a large home, like to travel and am interested in learning new things.

I had some friends who tried the online dating thing. They said it was easy to do and encouraged me to try. I looked at a couple of them, but none of the women seem to be what I was looking for. Some were over weight and many seemed a little slouchy. Not that I am any Romeo, but I do want someone who I can be proud to be with. You know what I mean. Looks still count.

I stumbled across a foreign site that offered dating with women from Russia.

The idea of Ukrainian Dating seemed a little intriguing to me. A different culture and way of thinking. I liked the way they say things. Really cute in broken English. You know they get words mixed up and it sounds so sweet and innocent. The best part is the way they looked. Not that I don’t care what is inside and all, but these ladies were knock outs. I have always heard women in the Ukraine were beautiful. A natural type of plain sweet beauty. Like the women that use to be around in the US.

I spent several days looking at the site and trying to see which lady would be someone who could be the person for me. Maybe just talking at first, but if she wanted a long term relationship, I wasn’t against that. She could fly over to the States and we could spend sometime together and see how things developed. I thought about how interesting it could be to show her around the states. Maybe a side trip to Las Vegas or Los Angeles. If things went well, you never know what could happen.

After contacting a couple of the women, I got a little concerned. A friend told me about a Ukrainian scam on the dating sites. Many of the women were really men who put up a fake site and picture. He suggested I do an international background check. It’s a new thing and easy to do. Well, I did and what a surprise I was in for. Both ladies were men.

I was being totally scammed. I check with the police and they said that there are some great dating sites but watch out for women who ask for travel money, emergency, or education needs. They might ask for a wire transfer of funds that could be used until they can come to America and see you. I guess you just need to be careful. I have not given up, but I will have some investigation done before I send anyone money. It doesn’t matter how good looking they are. It is the prudent thing to do.

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