Singles Dating Washington DC Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Singles Dating Washington DC made has made my life so much better. When I moved to DC in 2006 I was single and had no friends here, except my work colleagues. Since I don’t date people I work with I had no idea how to meet anyone.


I’m not 25 any more so the club scene was out. I don’t like meeting men in bars because most of them are drunk and barely remember they gave you their number or vice versa. So my Jewish mother who is desperate for me to get married so I’m not alone with 50 cats before I die (I don’t even have cats) suggested singles dating websites. She even offered to pay for them!


So off I went into the world of online dating and was unbelievably disappointed. After spending hours and hours filling out profiles and answering questions, I was registered with three sites. At first I got pictures of attractive men who seemed to share my likes, dislikes and general interests. I though I was set! I immediately emailed the men back but then got emails back saying they were all in relationships now and should’ve been taken off the site. After that first batch the results got worse and worse. The men I met looked nothing like they did in their photos and when I got to talking with them it seemed that what came out of their mouth was a complete lie based on what was on their profile. A few months later a friend of mine suggested that we both attend a Singles Dating Washington DC speed dating event. So I jumped on board.


The speed dating event was so much fun! Hosted by Professionals in the City it took place in a comfortable lounge and was target specifically for people within my age group. That was a big selling point for me. The event lasted one hour during which time I spent a few minutes with each date. Afterwards, we all headed to the bar for drinks and more socializing. There were a few men there that sparked my interest and I was able to email them anonymously through Pros in the Cities’ exclusive online message system. At that moment I decided no more online singles dating for me!


Since the Singles Dating Washington DC event I have been happily living with a man I met there two years ago. I would strongly suggest that you try out this event if you’re looking for love.


Dozens of men and women say they put their trust and money into a local dating service for Tampa singles, but there was no happy ending.

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