Singles ?Day

Many countries have a special day for singles. But I find the Singles ‘Day in China is very interesting. Chinese Singles ‘Day originates from the students in university campus in last Century. 1 means single, so they take 11th.Nov (11.11) as singles’ Day. More and more people in China know it now and even celebrate it ever year on 11th.Nov in different funny methods.

Let me share you some of the interesting methods from Chinese young people.

1. Due to Chinese food deep-fried dough sticks looks like 1, so they eat 4 deep-fried dough sticks refers to 11.11.

2. Many singles get together at that day and take No, 11 bus. Some of them even take a leave from their office to enjoy a happy day with others. You can image how interesting for so many man and woman singles to enjoy a day together. Or maybe some of them can find his/her beloved during the activity.

3. Singles build up a group and shout out together” I love to be a single”. Don’t worry. They just make joke and relax themselves together.

4. Some singles finish their single day on this special day. The boy may go to hold the girl’s hand suddenly, who he has loved long time secretly. Then his single life may be finished from that day on.

5. Some singles may do something to reward themselves. For example, a girl may go out to have a nice dinner herself, or go to purchase some beautiful and special presents for herself so that she can have a nice single day.

So Singles ‘Day in China is very interesting, right?

But I believe no body want to be single all the time.

How to say goodbye to single life? Firstly, you should know yourself very clearly. You should have correct self-knowledge and know what kind partner you prefer. You can have a rough image of your partner in your mind. Secondly, you should take part in more social activities and broaden their social face. In this way, you can have more chance to end your single life. Of course, fostering a good image in the social activities is very important to you. Last and most importantly, you should speak out boldly when you find the one you love. Don’t be shy. Most people get their lovers at this way, you are not the only one.

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