Singles – Does the Girl Like You?

Females do let out signs of liking a male and for that matter also disliking and shunning the mere males.

Important Point 1 – She engages in conversation with you -
You meet a female at a function and you exchange phone numbers and other information of where you study or work. Maybe you also exchange information pertaining to her role in the workplace or her goals after finishing study. You need to discuss her and your hobbies and interests. Maybe this is your first and last chance until you know she likes you and will meet you again. Her response to you is an indication that she likes you enough to continue to speak with you.

Personally I would have thought it was good manners to begin a conversation with someone you have recently met at a function. If the female continues to converse with you – well hasn’t’ see got the same manners as you? Maybe she is simply talking to you to be polite and is waiting for her opportunity to escape. However the fact remains that if a female does give you her phone number, chances are she is interested. Unless of course you have antagonised her so long that she has given you her phone number to get rid of you – oh check the number, my bet is that it isn’t correct, so you can’t contact her.

Important Point 2 – She responds to meeting you -
They say a man should get in touch first. So just call her up the next day at an appropriate time when it would not disturb or interrupt her work. Tell her you enjoyed meeting her and talking to her and would definitely like to meet her again. Her response may be in the affirmative and well if it is not, then call her again after two days and propose picking her up after work to chat over coffee.

If she has liked you and enjoyed your company she will definitely accept your invitation.

Let’s face it girls, it is nice and gentlemanly to have the male contact you first, but it does depend on what era you come from. Personally I would always wait for the male to call. However what if he has genuinely lost your number? I know that pigs do not fly, but what if he did? That’s a tough one – do you or don’t you call him? This obviously depends on your personality and the conversation you had with him when you met. There is nothing wrong with ringing him to thank him for his time the other day and hope he is well. If he is interested, he will explain either he had lost your number and is glad you called and ask you out, or he will thank you for calling and not take it any further. The good part is that you have not made a fool of yourself and have nothing to lose except your peace of mind as to why he did not call.

Important Point 3 – Remain in touch -
After your first real date, her behaviour with you will tell you that she has liked you enough to keep in touch with you hereafter. She will find an excuse to get in touch with you to thank you for the dinner, the coffee and a wonderful evening. Respond to her with the same fervour and tell her that you too enjoyed the evening and that you would like to continue to see her in the future. Her relaxed way of talking with you will be a sure sign or her liking you enough to meet you again.

Normally females do make the effort to thank their date for the coffee or dinner as do males. This is said on the night / day after the first date and normally you will find that the male will ask you there and then if you maybe interested in going out again. Maybe you had a wonderful time and would gladly want to see this man again, but maybe you also realised within a half hour of your first date that you really should of stayed at home, as he is very different to what you had anticipated. But regardless of the situation, you both had a nice time and leave it at that.

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