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I am doing something new to help me in my Singles Meet Washington DC adventures.  I am wrapping my legs with these new wrap things that are supposed to help you get skinny and lose fat.

I have used these wraps on my stomach before, and I liked the results I got.  I do not remember how many inches I lost from doing them, but I do know that I felt like I looked better after I did it.  I have done the things on my stomach two or three times.  This is my first time trying them on my legs, but I hope that I can fit into my new jeans better when I go out to meet single people tomorrow night.

I put the wraps on my legs right at ten o’clock.  You are supposed to keep them on for a minimum of forty five minutes.  It is now thirty five minutes after ten o’clock, so I should leave them on for about ten more minutes at the least.  However, you can leave the wraps on for a maximum of eight hours.  I might go to sleep with them on because it is almost my bed time.  I know that they would probably come off when I move in my sleep.  I am very eager to see the results tonight, so I might take them off after I write more Singles Meet Washington DC articles.

I have a friend who did the wraps on her legs, and she said that she saw results in her hips, too.  I really hope that I get as great of results as she did.  She said that after she used her wraps, she felt a lot more confident to go out and meet single men.

I have to go to the bathroom pretty bad right now, but I do not want to mess up the wraps.  I might get up in a minute and go to the bathroom, but I will probably sit back down after I readjust the wraps.  I only have five minutes left, now, yet the urge to pull the wraps off is killing me.  I am also intent on leaving them on as long as I can take it because I want to look great tomorrow when I go to the Singles Meet Washington DC event.

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