Singles Meet Washington DC Has Many Fun Events Waiting For You

There are so many places where Singles Meet Washington DC. I think when any single man or woman moves alone to a new city without a boyfriend or husband they want to find someone to have a relationship with. Fortunately, Washington D.C. is a great city to search for “the one.”


There are so many places to meet singles. Bars, clubs, lounges and even the vegetable section at a supermarket! I’ve struck up many conversations in supermarkets and even flirted with the man if he was cute and my type.


Once I was at a supermarket and knocked over a whole display of canned green beans. This man – who was totally my type -came rushing over to help me fix the display because there were no store clerks around. I couldn’t believe Singles Meet Washington DC would be in a supermarket re-building a canned green bean display!


As we were balancing the cans so the display wouldn’t fall, he asked for my phone number. Since I never give mine out to strangers I asked for his and called the next day. We dated for around five months but he was not ready to commit to one person. Then I decided I would try to meet singles online. That worked out pretty well. I went on many dates with different men – all of them smart, funny, and available – but somehow I never felt a spark with any of them. We did go to great restaurants, went sightseeing in our own city, and had intimate moments, but as I said, no spark. But I wasn’t going to give up.


A friend suggested that I go to this amazing matchmaker. She apparently fixes up men and women with perfect matches. At first I was skeptical but I went anyway.

She turned out to be everything my friend said she would be. After sitting with her and telling her all about myself, my likes and dislikes, and what type of man I was looking for she pulled out a photograph and told me this man was perfect for me. And she was right. We dated for four years and are now engaged. Singles Meet Washington DC is a terrific way to meet the man of your dreams.


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