Singles Meet Washington DC Potions and Spells

I just tried a magical Singles Meet Washington DC potion to make me skinnier and more handsome, and it worked!  I am so happy that I am not fat and ugly any more that I might just go out to meet some people tonight.

Normally, it is difficult to meet single women in the area because not many women are attracted to me.  Then, I heard about this witch lady in the secret, hidden area of D.C. who helps people with this problem.  I went to her after work one night, and she told me that she could mix me up a potion to make me more attractive.

Now, I am not much of a magic believer, but I figured that I didn’t have much more to lose than a couple hundred dollars and my dignity, so I told her I would try it.  I gave her my money, and I went home.  All night long, I had dreams about how many Singles Meet Washington DC encounters I would have.

The next day, I woke up extra early, and I went to the witch’s house.  She asked me about the dreams I had.  When I asked her how she knew about them, she said that they were part of the spell.  Apparently, my dreams meant that the potion was already working.  I was so excited to know that because I was ready to go start meeting singles.  I drank the potion immediately.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw myself transforming into the handsome, young, fit fellow that I always imagined myself to be in the inside.

When I walked out on the streets, Singles Meet Washington DC women started being attracted to me like magnets.  I had women all over me just like the guys in the Axe commercials.  I can not believe how happy I am now!  Now, I have the confidence that I have always wished for to talk to any girl in the whole wide world, so I am going to go talk to the girl that I have had a crush on for many, many years with the hopes that she will finally give me a second glance.

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