Singles Washington DC Parenthood is Not How I Imagined

Before I was a Singles Washington DC parent, I just knew how I would handle everything.  I knew what I would and would not do as a parent.  I thought everything would go as planned, and I would have a perfect family life.

However, once I actually became a singles local parent, I found myself not doing things that I always thought I would do, and I did things that I swore I would not even consider doing.

For example, there was a day that my daughter had a doctor appointment about a Singles Washington DC hour away.  The babysitter was sick, so I had to bring my son with us as well.  After we left the appointment, I took the kids out to lunch then we had ice cream (I know, right!).  My son fell asleep on the way home.

Once we got into the driveway, I realized something.  I could either wake my son up and deal with him being in a crabby mood because he would not finish his nap, or I could wait for him to sleep while occupying my daughter with an iPad.  I chose the latter, complete with a singles online lollipop and everything!  The radio was on the whole time.

My son’s cheap car seat must not be the best place for him to sleep given the fact that he woke up in a bad mood and with a red mark on his head from the position.  My daughter was not in a very good mood either since she had been in the car for going on two Singles Washington DC hours.  I know it was selfish to keep them in the car so that I could paint my nails in peace.

After everyone was inside, I changed their meet singles disposable diapers and put them in front of a movie.  So much for not letting them watch tv!  At least I got my work e-mails completed.

So, I do not skip the drive through, buy the most expensive luxury baby gear, or use puzzles and books over electronic to entertain my kids.  I use disposable diapers, let my kids throw out their tantrums in public, feed my kids candy, and “take the easy way out” in some parenting situations.  No one in Singles Washington DC is perfect!

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