So what is the purpose of the “gender studies” section exactly?

Question by Secular thinker: So what is the purpose of the “gender studies” section exactly?
To create controversial, often stereotypical topics attempting to categorize men and women to be like (insert stereotype here)? Honestly… The rules of Y!A state that controversial, and insulting/flaming questions aren’t allowed, and yet they make a section that just screams “debates, trolling, flaming, and sexism”.

I recently read a question that said “On a scale of 1-10, how shallow are men?”.

As a man, I am offended by this question, and I feel for any sexist questions aimed at women as well. Why did Yahoo put this section in here to begin with? We already have a “Women’s health” and “Men’s health” section. We also have a “Singles and Dating” section too…

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Answer by darin88
To keep the animals from spilling into other sections :) .

But it seems to be one of the more popular sections with some of the most dedicated participates. I guess that would be good for any site no? Lots of people seem to have a lot to say about gender issues.

But you are right that the guidelines are in conflict with the realities of the subject matter. That is why reporting wars happen a lot.

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3 comments to So what is the purpose of the “gender studies” section exactly?

  • Metalhead498

    Yell at people who share different opinions other than your own.It gets really nasty at nighttime on here.

  • Winston Smith

    There are other sections with dumb arguments, such as Politics and Religion.

  • autumn

    To create a safe environment to discuss gender issues.

    I’m totally kidding. Don’t get offended by what you read. You are right about what this section screams. Add some bitter people to the mix though.

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