Some Tips On Meeting Women

Being good in meeting and connecting with women is something you learn, not something you are born with. It is a skill that you need to work on to achieve, not something that you inherit from your lady-magnet father. Just like any learned skill, you have to practice with it in order to be good at it. The most common factors that often hinder a man from going out and meeting a woman are shyness and lack of self-confidence. Instead of just going out there and introducing himself to a woman, a shy guy do nothing but keeps on replaying “what-if” scenarios in his mind. What if she wouldn’t talk to me? What if she will reject me? What if she already have a boyfriend or even worse a husband? And so on and so forth. This type of thinking will serve you nothing but regret at the end when you see that attractive woman walk away. And worse, you probably won’t see her ever again.

So to alleviate that fear and that shyness even by just a little bit, here are a few tips on meeting women that you can use. They work on most guys so they’ll probably work on you. Good luck.

1) Practice your lines and style of approach before you actually use them on a woman. You have close friends who are women right? Then practice your lines and approach on them. Ask them what they think? Would they entertain a guy who introduces himself to them with the lines and the type of approach you have? If they say yes, then by all means go out there and try meeting a woman.

2) Introduce yourself by engaging the woman in a little conversation. Talk about flowers, soccer, the weather, whatever. Just start in a conversational way. Don’t just march up to her and ask for her phone number.

3) Learn to accept no for an answer. If a woman says yes and leaves you her phone number,  you’re a happy man. If she says no, get over it. The answers won’t always be yes so be ready when she says no.

Always remember to keep in mind these tips in meeting women. They’ll be of great help in finding the woman you’ve always been dreaming off.

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