Speed Dating Can Help Find Love

Should you go looking for love or wait until it finds you? This is the question many singles ask themselves and it’s all very well waiting for love to come along but when you are single, lonely and need a good snog then sometimes waiting just isn’t an option. Look all around you and you have love thrust in your face with celebrity couples snuggling up on the covers of magazines, young couples walking hand in hand, and countless other images that remind you there is no-one special in your life.

We all need love at some point in our lives, we may be young free and single throughout our twenties and even into our late 30′s but eventually there comes a time when we start to realise that all out friends are married, having kids, or shacked up with a long-term partner and we are the only single left!

Having someone there to comfort when you are down, sad, lonely or in a crisis is infintely better than facing life alone. However, finding the perfect match made in heaven or someone to spend the rest of your life with isn’t easy for anyone.

You hear all kinds of strange stories told of how people met each other, whether it was at someone else’s wedding, on holiday, in the hospital, on the bus or whilst walking the dog!

Speed dating is one way to meet lots of potential partners and is popular with all ages and types. If you want to meet young professionals then you should give it a try as they love attending these events as they are organised, fun, and full of beautiful happy people! Busy at work and mixing with the same circle of friends means they don’t get much chance to meet anyone new and so they look to speed dating Manchester to meet their needs.

Mostly people who choose to speed date are between the ages of 20-40 but events are generally organised by age group so if you’re 24 don’t panic that you’ll arrive to find you’re mixing with a bunch of 60 year olds. Not to say that 60 year olds can’t be fun of course! If you happen to be in the older age bracket then there are also events for your group so check them out you are never too old to fall in love.

How many people attend each venue depends on where it is located and who has booked, there can be anything from 10 to 40 people at one time which gives you plenty of opportunity to meet someone you like. You have from 3 5 minutes with each partner, although this may not sound like a lot of time it is enough to know if you like the look of someone and can be too much time if you have no connection with the person facing you across the table.

Don’t stress too much about what to wear there’s no need to rush out and buy expensive designer items to impress. Just look your best and be comfortable, wear something fashionable and smart and make an effort to be clean and tidy and this should suffice. Events are generally held in private venues and rooms so everyone is there for the same reason and you aren’t being gaped at by other people who happen to be in the bar or restaurant.

Once the evening is over the organisers will let you know of your matches, this is either by email or phone, some also give you a personal username and password so you can log on and check your matches yourself. The rest is up to you, send them an email if you are shy or give them a call for a chat. You don’t have to set a date straight away, take some time to get to know each other first before making arrangements to meet. Of course if there was an instant attraction from the moment your eyes met across the table then you might not want to wait!

Speed dating in Manchester can bring you many opportunities, from just making some new friends and widening your social circle to finding your life’s love. Give it a chance and see what happens!

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Ditch or Date, a speed dating Manchester event to meet other singles in your age group. Speed dating in Manchester with Ditch or Date is held in stylish city centre venues. Meet up to 20 members with speed dating Manchester.

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