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One day I was walking on a busy street and just was in deep thought when I realized that things were not as they seem to be before when I was child. The things and the people around me have changed and so is the fact that we have live alone and suffer alone too. I was thinking all of those people who were walking on the street in couples and then I turned my head towards the people who were standing alone. There was quite a difference between both the categories as the people who were standing with their mates or standing in couples were the ones who were smiling away or had that shine on their face which could be seen even if they were not smiling whereas there were is another kind of people who were simply either engrossed in their own work or they are looking sadly at something or just looking at the couples and thinking something hence I suppose they were thinking about the fact that they wanted somebody next to them with whom they can share all the happiness and sadness in their lives plus they also did not like to sit alone and they also wanted to move around in pair of twos. Then I sat thinking that what could be the reason behind their loneliness. I could probably draw out a few reasons like they must have suffered a bad relationship or rather their spouse must be dead or even that they never found anybody so special and nobody gave them a special place in their lives thus making things a lot difficult for them and then I thought that why dont they try to look for their special one. Now you must be thinking that I have gone bonkers as it is not very easy to find one, well let me tell you then that now it is easy to look for your special one over the internet.

There is a option of online dating sites which allow you to meet singles and view their profiles so you can interact with them once you have your own profile too. There are also regional dating where you can find singles in your area like speeddating Trondheim or Trondheim singles thus making it easier to spend this wonderful journey called life with your special mate.

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