Successful Dating – What is Successful Dating?

Have you ever wondered what’s makes dating successful? Like with everything in the realm of dating, successful dating has to do with what you want to happen. If you want to have successful dating relationships, you need to have goals. And you need to know what you want to happen. If you want successful relationships, but don’t know what you think that means, you won’t get it.

Definition of Successful Dating

Clearly, successful dating will look different to different people. For some, dating is the relationship that leads to marriage. For others, it has to do with moving in together. For some, a successful relationship means children. For some people, it’s simply not being alone. You need to consider what dating means to you. Ask yourself:

*What do I want out of my life?
*How do I want my relationships to go?
*What type of person am I interested in dating?
*Does the person I’m dating have my goals?
*Is this relationship something I want?
*Is this relationship successful so far?

Consider your own relationship goals. If marriage isn’t in your plans, then maybe having a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend is your definition of successful dating. It might not be someone else’s, but it’s yours.

How do You Get and Keep a Successful Dating Relationship?

Whatever your definition of dating, it’s safe to assume that you want that. Most people want to be in successful relationships because they want to be happy. So how do you achieve that?

There are several factors that lead to successful relationships:

1-Not jumping from relationship to relationship.
When you do this, you don’t have the opportunity to heal between relationships and you’ll fall into the same old relationship patterns, leaving no room for successful dating.

2-Setting realistic expectations for yourself and your partners.
Don’t say no to someone because you don’t think the person is going to be your perfect match.

Instead, give it a try and see how it works. No one will match all of your qualifications, so enjoy yourself – relationships you don’t expect to work out might.

3-Being yourself.
Everyone has heard the joke about the first date, where you lie to the person you’re on a date so you have something to talk about on the second. While it might be amusing, it’s not the key to any sort of successful dating.

4-Being Confident.
Confidence attracts people. When you’re confident, people are attracted to that. And when you’re having problems, confidence can get you further than you might think. It’s also essential for successful dating – it can be the ingredient that keeps you going.

5-Evaluating your relationships.
If your relationships aren’t meeting your desires for successful dating, you need to determine if they will head that way or if you need to move on.

When you start pursuing successful relationships, you will find them. Maybe not on the first try or the second, but eventually. You’ll start understanding the type of person you should be dating. You may find that your definition of success in dating changes. But the important thing is that you notice it and continue pursuing the things that are important to you. Set your own definition of dating success and you’ll be able to meet it.

Know what you want and pursue it. In life and in dating.

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