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I’m a lifeguard by profession, and I see all the Tampa professional
singles I could ever want to meet right here on the beach, especially
during summer.  I just never have the time to really get to know any
of them because I’m on duty, and when I’m not on duty on Friday and
Saturday, I would rather spend my day in the city than on the beach.

When Jack, my best buddy, told me about this dating service that could
set me up with one of those Tampa professional singles, I thought I’d
give it a shot.  I mean, what I really need is to meet a city girl,
not a beach crazy chick who just wanted to meet that lifeguard in his
skimpy swimwear!

So, I called up the Tampa dating service, and they accommodated me on
the phone, asking me questions and I could hear someone entering my
information on a computer.   When it came to preferences, I
specifically asked to be matched with Tampa professional singles that
don’t really go to the beach much and prefer to spend weekends in the

I was set up the very next week to meet with my date on Friday,
apparently her day off was Friday and Saturday too, so the match came
up quite quickly.  I was a little doubtful because the agent never did
emphasize if this girl was up to par with my specified preference, or
if she was just like the other Tampa professional singles who would
end up on the beach at least once a week to get a suntan.

So I went to meet up with Jenna at this restaurant that she herself
had picked for the first date, and when the waiter showed me to the
table, I was surprised to see she was tanned and beautiful.  After a
fun conversation, she eventually told me she’s half Asian, which
explained the gorgeous skin color.

I never realized how many diverse cultures make up the Tampa
Professional singles circuit.  We’ve scheduled regular dates for the
next six months now, I think this could lead to something serious, and
I’m really glad I made that phone call.

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