Tennessee Tenants always late on rent. PLEASE HELP!?

Question by : Tennessee Tenants always late on rent. PLEASE HELP!?
My parents live in Memphis, Tennessee. They rented out our old house to a family of 4 who displayed intent to eventually purchase the home. However, they are CONSTANTLY 1 month and half to 2 months late on their rent. (ALL of her excuses, over the years, she has “lost wallets”, “fraud on her bank account”, “vacation”, “husband changed jobs”, and on many occasions “Family members died”) They have been renting from us for about 3 years now and I have always assisted in helping my parents collect the rent. However, a few months ago when I attempted to follow up with the tenants and collect 2 1/2 months late rent the tenant began getting extremely hostile and defensive. She insisted that she’s about to pay rent etc.. she began screaming at me erratically and threatening to terminate the lease. She then called my father and complained about me etc .. My father, being the kind and somewhat naive person he is, offered to take over the responsibility of collecting rent. Since they were receiving rent late EVERY SINGLE month (the tenants often pay the late fee, which is only a couple of dollars), my father offered to decrease the rent more than 20% (Without my consent). Yet the tenants are STILL not paying. I created the contract for my parents, it took me a lot of work to find these tenants. I am a bit angry that all my hard work went into this only to have my dad not only decrease the rent SO MUCH, and the tenants are STILL not paying. My parents depend on these payments to pay for their current mortgage and expenses. What can we do to fix this problem? PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you!!

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Answer by Wildcat
WHY do you keep putting up with this? Just evict the deadbeats!

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3 comments to Tennessee Tenants always late on rent. PLEASE HELP!?

  • godged

    Do not take this personally. This is not just an isolated problem, they are bad tenants. Just proceed with the eviction.

  • lightupthesky25

    It sounds like the problem is the tenants themselves – obviously they’re deadbeats. When is their lease agreement up? If it’s up soon, or has already expired, then give them notice to vacate. If the lease has expired, they are on a month-to-month agreement and you only need to give a 30 day notice. If it hasn’t, then send a notice stating that you will not renew their lease when it expires and therefore they must move out completely by 11:59PM the day the lease expires.

    If the lease isn’t up for a while, then spend that time searching for new tenants, and be sure to inform your current tenants that you will be showing the house to prospective tenants. Always be sure to provide them with at least 24 hours written notice that it will be shown.

    The tenants can’t terminate the lease because you’re calling and asking for the rent that they are late on. That’s your job as the landlord (or as a representative for the landlord). If you don’t want to go through the trouble of searching for new tenants, then I would increase the late fee substantially when their lease comes up for renewal.

  • s and d e

    Evict them. Why would you put up with that?

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